Wyldecrest Parks – Park Home Makeover Contest

Wyldecrest Parks – Park Home Makeover Contest in association with celebrity interior Designer Celia Sawyer & Willerby Park Homes

The park home makeover contest ran from the 1st August 2019 to the 15th October 2019 and it was open to all residents of Wyldecrest Parks. We received about 540 entries via the WyldeLiving  magazine slips & emails; we scanned through each and every entry and shortlisted 10 finalists.

The live selection event happened at Wyldecrest Parks Headquarters in Thurrock, Essex on the 19th November at 12:30pm.

The panel of judges included:-

  • Alfie Best (Founder & Chairman, Wyldecrest Parks)
  • Celia Sawyer (Celebrity Interior Designer)
  • Conchi N Charlton (Willerby representative)

Pictures above left to right, Conchi Charlton, Alfie Best & Celia Sawyer

The event was telecast live on FB and the whole event is also available to watch on YouTube

The event started with Celia, Conchi & Alfie having a chat about parks, park homes and how they have evolved from their humble beginnings to these modern gorgeous bungalows. The various entries which did not make it to the finalists were discussed and Alfie mentioned that all finalists who don’t win will all get a hamper from Wyldecrest Parks & Willerby Homes.

Willerby Park Homes also used this opportunity to understand what people are looking at in terms of décor & interiors and how they can design & furnish their homes better. It got our creative juices flowing as well got us thinking of having an exclusive range of interiors designed by Celia Sawyer exclusively for Wyldecrest Parks & Willerby Homes.

We asked Celia about her signature look and what she envisaged when she would be looking at giving the winner’s park home a makeover.

Celia mentioned that her signature look is

Glamorous, cool, sophisticated and stylish. I love having a great mix of velvets, satins, crystal, onyx, chrome, whatever it may be, but the mix is incredibly important. If I was to choose to use similar textures throughout, it is creating a boring interior, however by mixing them up, perhaps a glass table-top with an onyx box sitting on top, or mother of pearl dishes, suddenly it creates a palate of interest.

Finally, the judges opened the envelope which had all the finalists’ entries in & went over each entry in detail.

Mr Bernard Highgate from Chilton Farm Park was one of the finalists & Celia & Alfie discussed his entry. He is a very popular resident of his park & an avid gardener; he wanted a makeover of his lounge as it was very ‘old’.

The judges then talked about Mr Mrs Bates, finalists from Blueleighs Park. Our park manager visited them earlier to inform them that they had been selected as finalists.

They are a beautiful couple & were actually quite surprised to have made it to the finals.

We are really surprised to have made it to the shortlist and would love for the judges to choose us as we are on pensions and benefits and wouldn’t be able to afford it ourselves.

Picture above -Mr. & Mrs. Bates

The judges then discussed the entry of Mrs Theresa Abott – a lovely resident who wanted her second bedroom redone as her grandchildren come to visit her & stay for a few days & she wanted to have a bright, lovely bedroom for them.

The judges then went over Mr Mrs Britten’s entry in which they had quite a simple wish list – they wanted more space & some well-designed storage options customized for their homes.

We are delighted to have made it to the shortlist, it was so unexpected. We would love it if the judges chose them as we desperately need help in making more space and storage in our bedroom. It would be great as it would perk me up!
Mrs. Britten.

Picture above, Mr & Mrs Britten

Next up was Mr Peter Mayall, whose s entry was discussed. We also had a video of Peter in which our park manager had visited him to see how he felt about being in the top 10. Peter mentioned how his late wife used the lounge a lot & even though it’s a lovely room, he would be so happy if it was redecorated. He had been living in his home since 1993 & he loves his home but a little redecoration would be very welcome as he is 90 years old & it’s impossible for him to do it.

The judges then discussed the last remaining finalists and it seemed that they had all made up their minds about the winner.

Picture above – Mr Peter Mayall – The Lucky Winner

So each of them wrote the name of the winner, while Celia & Alfie chose the same – Mr Peter Mayall, Conchi had chosen Mr Bernard Highgate.

Since the majority decided in Peter’s favour – he was declared the winner of this makeover contest.

The Wyldecrest team along with Celia will be visiting Mr Peter Mayall soon to evaluate his home & understand what he is looking for & what sort of a style he likes.

We will keep you updated with every part of the journey as we look at revamping Peter’s lounge and giving it a beautiful makeover.

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