Why Choose a Park Home?

Park Homes provide an excellent opportunity to be able to downsize to a more easily-manageable living style while at the same time ensuring that the quality of the home and living actually get better.

You get the benefit of the latest in modern kitchens and bathrooms which usually age and wear down over time.

Installing a new kitchen or bathroom in your existing home is tiresome, time-consuming and expensive.

Park Homes provide a cost-effective and luxury housing option especially when you are downsizing and actually would like a smaller, easier to manage home.

Plus you get so much flexibility in deciding every component of the home and designing it to your needs and sensibilities!

And one of the biggest advantages of park home living is having a friendly, understanding community of people of a similar age-range and interests living around you.

You have great company when you need it and you have your privacy when you want it.

Purchasing a new home is a wonderful experience for anyone and at Wyldecrest parks we believe that moving into a park home is truly special.

With a number of homes for sale we want you to be comfortable with your choice.


We handpick all of our development locations in order to bring you everything from the finest scenery to essential amenities.

When choosing a potential setting for every Wyldecrest Residential Park, we start by ensuring the location is good and convenient for you.

How close will your home be to a daily needs shop? Is there a bus stop right next to the park and a train station nearby?

Our ever-popular Saltmarshe Castle Park (Herefordshire) has a café-shop & clubhouse inside the park! Most of our parks have bus stops right outside the park. The local train station is less than a 10-minute walk from our Westover Park (Wales)

Penwortham Park (Lancashire) is about 3 miles from Preston town centre. Cranbourne Park in Winkfield, Windsor has a convenience store inside the park. The beautiful Quarry Rock Park is about 1.5 miles from the famous Bath city centre


If you are yearning for some good old British community spirit a Residential park community is one of the best options for you to consider.

The average age of residents in park homes is above 55, in fact in a survey in 2020, 68% of the residential park occupants were 60 or over.

There are very good chances that you meet like-minded people in your community who share similar beliefs and interests.

There are great opportunities for friendships and many parks have their residents organize social events and community clubs.

We love the convenience of managing a park home as well as how cosy our whole park is. There are just 31 homes on this park so literally everyone knows everyone. There is a lot of potential to make great friendships – it basically depends on how social you are.
Les, resident Elm Tree Residential park


We are a country with an ageing population and for many of us, our wealth is locked up in homes which are too big for us to maintain. What park homes actually enable us to do is to free up our capital, get a luxurious manageable home and at the same time put some cash in our bank accounts.

Almost a dozen years ago, Jim and I, decided to downsize to cash in some equity from our bungalow, but every bungalow we looked at to buy was really expensive and the move just was not making sense.
Someone suggested Park Homes to us and it was something we had never really thought about before.
We decided to take a look and see what the homes and the parks were like and we were honestly surprised and delighted to find we could afford a brand new home finished to a high standard, fully furnished and at half the cost of standard bricks and mortar home.
as narrated by Sheila L, resident of our Blueleighs Park.


You can choose from modern, open-plan layouts with modular kitchens and your choice of furnishings. The homes are single-storey bungalows and hence easy to clean and look after.

These homes are built for permanent residence; they are modern with central heating, double glazing, and energy efficient boilers and quite easy to maintain and clean.

All Park homes are governed and protected by Mobile homes act, built to the “Specification for Residential Park Homes”, the British Standard BS3632.

The highlight is the ease of maintaining the home especially cleaning- well we can finish it top to bottom in half an hour!
Jane Downs, a lovely resident of our Redhill Park.


Buying a property doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With no upward chains to think about and a first-class sales team, you’re free to choose your new home without constraint or worry.

In order to make your move onto one of our prestigious parks as smooth as possible, we can offer to buy your current property in part exchange for your new Park Home.

Our Part Exchange Scheme is unique to us and is designed to take away the stress, inconvenience and added work of selling a property, leaving you more time to actually plan your move.

As soon as the park home is ready and the purchase agreed, you’re able to move in. This truly is hassle-free home buying.

Start your journey today – visit one of our parks and see the homes, the communities and see if it works for you?

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