We tick all the boxes!

We had our lovely Spa Saturday event in Fangrove Park on Saturday the 15th of June. A mix of residents as well as some prospective buyers attended the event and enjoyed being pampered in the lovely park home at the park.

It was lovely catching up with the residents once again. Some of them had come to the event last year as well and they had been looking forward to meeting Mandie (our Spa therapist) again.

There was a fete in the local village that afternoon and most of our residents planned to head there later.

The attendees could choose from a variety of treatments, from foot massages to head massages, facials to manicures all provided in a spectacular show-home in the comfort of their own residential park. It was a perfect opportunity to relax and feel rejuvenated without venturing far.

All treatments were free to the residents. The spa was held in our beautiful stock home which we had transformed into a mini-spa for the day with candles and soothing music and snacks and drinks. Our residents were really delighted with the experience and all of them expressed a desire that they would like more regular events like this in their park!

We caught with our beautiful resident, June who came in to get her nails done! She had come to our Spa event last year as well and had loved it so much that she made an appointment for this year’s event as well.

She has recently completed 3 years on the park and loves it! I had a quick chat with her to find out more about how and why she chose a park home lifestyle.

She used to live close to Fangrove Park, in Egham. She sold her home when her husband passed away and downsized initially and moved to Lincolnshire to be with her daughter. She lived there for a few years and then her younger daughter who stays in Surrey started a family!

She wanted June to move back here, so June started thinking of options. Her daughter was the one who suggested park homes as June wasn’t aware of what Park Homes are (She was still thinking of them as glorified caravans!!)

Her daughter had seen the park and homes already so she knew her mum would get all she would want at park homes. She asked June to just pop-into the park on one of her trips and June was blown-away!!

She sold her home in Lincolnshire and moved into the park shortly. She says she has a lovely support-system at the park and loves the company.

She loved the Spa Treatment & wanted to know if Wyldecrest would be arranging something else soon as well.

We also had two lovely couples who got treatments done. One of the couples was the always fun Lyne & Allen Elderfield who have been in the park for a number of years. They had attended it last year as well and were pleased to be a part of it again!

We got talking about life on the park and how it’s been for them. They have lived on park for 12 years now. They chose to move into a park home for a sense of community and an added bonus of a safe, secure minimum traffic location.

We chatted with many other residents as well and will share them soon on our website. We are looking at doing another event soon; we will announce the venue (park name) shortly.

If you would like to explore the park home lifestyle and see if it is something which could suit you, why not give us a quick call on 0330 1337300?

You may be pleasantly surprised at how luxurious the homes actually are and how friendly and pleasant the atmosphere on the parks is!

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