“Utopia, it’s fabulous: park home living”

We caught up with the lovely Keith Richardson, a long standing resident of our Landa Grove Residential Park to congratulate him for winning a special voucher in the garden competition.

His garden pictures were very well received in our ‘2021: Park home garden competition’ the results of which were declared recently.

Why did you choose park home living?

My wife and I were one of the original park members as we were only the 2nd residents to move onto the park. Previously we had lived in a bungalow but wanted to move closer to our son.

Once we settled onto the park, we actually showed new customers around the park and share our learnings about park home living, until the park was at full capacity.

We have strong relationships with majority of our residents in the park. Everyone in the park is extremely friendly and eager to help and we have a strong community.

How is life in the park?

The park is blessed in terms of location; we have such lovely small quaint family run shops small villages and picturesque surroundings.

We actually didn’t think much of moving on to a park and just thought it would be similar to living in their previous bungalow, but we did notice quite quickly the change in our bills!

The electric is so much more reasonable and before we were paying over £500 per quarter for water but now we pay around £35-£40 per quarter

All these utilities add-up and this does add up and make a big difference.

Our garden is our pride and joy and home to ‘Milo’ the rabbit. Milo is a rescue rabbit; we rescued him for their granddaughter after his partner was killed by a rat.

Our granddaughter loves to visit as often as she can to see Milo and us and she loves the park. We have also rescued a cat called Gabby who has become quite fond of his park home as well.

I previously worked in a nuclear plant as a chemical engineer for over 20 years but I’m now retired.

I have great relationships with the staff in the park and I always help out doing meter readings and helping out all park residents

A Wyldecrest Residential park offers so much more than a home – it makes you a part of warm, fun and caring community.

Why our residents choose Park Home Living

  • Designed with the over-45s in mind
  • Desirable locations with local amenities nearby
  • All homes come with their own garden and parking next to the home

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