UNLOCKING £65,000 from our home….a new start for our family!

Last year we helped our new residents unlock & release more than £1.5 million from their homes. Since they moved into modern, furnished homes – no money was needed on any refurbishments or home improvements.

This is how they plan to spend their money

Retirement life has changed so much over the past years. Most of our residents are actually spending their ‘younger & carefree years’ exploring & making memories.

Finances allowing – wouldn’t all of us want to see the world, travel & explore, help our children & spoil our grandchildren! Plus always save something extra for that rainy day.

I wanted to downsize to a more easily manageable home & also release money to give to my daughter for her wedding.

I actually write & where better for some peace & quiet than in a beautiful residential park like Beechfield.

I am quite familiar with the area. We have a Tesco & Sainsbury’s less than a mile, mile & half from the park. There is also a little shop down the road which is quite useful
Danielle Fray (Resident)

To ensure a smooth & tension-free retirement & not get stressed about cutting back & counting our pennies – we need to make sure our assets work for us.

Our pensions might not always add up & sometimes our investments let us down.

However we need to realise that many of us live in houses which are too big for our needs.

We have often seen that our residents are semi-retired or retired but their capital wealth is locked in their home; in effect, all that they have worked for is trapped in their property.

It is here that Residential Park Homes provide an excellent solution.

Downsizing is definitely an emotional decision for many of us – the home we have lived in for generations, had children makes us attached to our homes. However we need to understand the practical benefits to downsizing.

You are able to live in more easily managed houses & also these homes are modern builds with latest kitchens & bathrooms which make these homes.

The homes are actually pre-fabricated in the factory and transported to site. All park homes conform to British Standard 3632 and are built for residential occupation. Park Homes are the only genuine, affordable housing option which exists in our country.

Park Homes actually cost 50% less than a like-for-like conventional bricks and mortar house in the same location…maybe even less than that.

Buying a Park Home enables you to achieve quality with economy and deliver more value for your money.

  • You pay the lowest council tax (Band A)
  • They are 12-month fully residential parks with their own postal address – please do not mistake them for holiday parks.
  • You save on electricity because they are new builds with a bungalow-style layout which is more energy efficient.
  • Park Home estates boast very strong communities which provide a significant ‘social capital’ for their residents.

What was important to us was a peaceful setting, within a safe village type community and with the necessary facilities around us. We also wanted a little outside space to spend time outdoors when the weather permitted, although we didn’t want garden requiring lots of maintenance.

With a budget in mind, we set out looking for our new home and as a friend of ours knew someone living in a park home, we began to look into the various companies.
Sue Chapman, resident.

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