UK’s housing crisis: are residential parks an answer?

The UK is knee-deep in a housing crisis, and many of us know that. Even though there are a number of reasons which are contributing to this situation, the main reason is simple and obvious- we don’t have enough affordable homes to meet the growing demand.

The shortage of homes is causing prices for the 28 million dwellings in the UK to grow with the average price of a property up 8.9 percent in the UK to £256,000, according to the UK Housing Index.

Broken down into the countries of the UK:

  • England– prices rose by 8.9% in the year to April 2021 where the average price is now £268,000.
  • Wales– prices increased by 15.6% and the price of an average house now stands at £185,000.
  • Scotland– prices rose by 6.3% to £161,000.
  • Northern Ireland– prices went up by 6% to £149,000.

But the various measures being undertaken by the Government of pledging to build a certain number of homes each year might well fall short of actually addressing the growing issue.

The number of homeless people in the UK is increasing. More than 300,000 people in Britain – equivalent to one in every 200 – are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes, according to figures released by the charity Shelter.

Could a good option for handling this crisis be PARK HOMES?

For a growing number of people who would like to live in modern but manageable homes and enjoy the perks of being part of a healthy community too- park homes sound like a very exciting option.

We are a country with an ageing population and for many of us, our wealth is locked up in homes that are too big for us to maintain. What park homes actually enable us to do is to free up our capital, get a luxurious manageable home and at the same time put some cash in our bank accounts.

But can quality and affordable housing be achieved together?

Well with park homes, it definitely can!

The name park home may sound misleading because, in essence, they are essentially luxury bungalows which are to be used as our residence for the whole year-round. These homes are modern and luxurious, you can furnish them to your taste and are very easy to maintain and live-in.

Majority of our homes have beautiful gardens and parking next to the homes. The parks where these homes are situated boast of beautiful settings, availability of amenities close-by and not to forget the social benefits of living in a community of like-minded people. If you compare their costs (both fixed and running) with conventional housing, you will get a very pleasant surprise as well.

All park homes conform to British Standard 3632 and are protected by a 10-year Gold Shield structural warranty.

In the words of Mr Alfie Best (Founder and CEO, Wyldecrest Parks)

One of the problems we have in the UK is just the way our economy is structured. We now have 66 million people living in the UK and it’s one of the most densely populated areas, especially when you’re talking about London. I’m led to believe that there are around 16 million people now living in London and that’s not taking into account inside the M25 and the suburbs.

When you talk about those types of figures, there has got to be something done about meeting housing needs, but also it goes wider than that. When we choose where to live today, we want to live where we have a better life. We want to do better things. We want to go on better holidays. We want a better quality of life and we want it NOW.

I don’t think there’s any reason why people shouldn’t be able to do that and because manufactured housing is so cost-effective, it frees up peoples’ capital more to enjoy a better quality of life”.

Section 124 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016, has recognized the role mobile homes have in contributing towards the supply of housing in a given area.  It is a significant step and this only means that the quality and popularity of these homes will increase. It is important here to note that Wyldecrest Parks is an ISO 9001 certified park operator in the UK which means strict quality and quality procedures are followed and adhered to.

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