TOP 3 Park Homes Questions Answered


Q. Can you live in these homes permanently?

Yes these are permanent residential homes. You live in them all year round, for life.

Like any other homes, you need to pay Council Tax on these homes. The applicable Council Tax is Band A for any size Park Home which is approximately £105 per month for the 2019/20 year

Q. Are these homes actually Static Caravans?

These homes are actually similar to bungalows and are simply put prefabricated single-storey houses. Most park homes resemble attractively designed and traditionally built bungalows with a pitched roof.

The only real difference is the method of construction.

There are important differences between a residential park home, which is designed and built for quality permanent living to the British Standard (BS3632) as compared to a caravan holiday home, which is usually constructed to different standards to reflect its holiday occupancy.

Also it is the ‘where’ it is constructed which makes a difference as well. Park homes are constructed to British Standard BS3632 under carefully controlled workshop conditions before being transported to the park. Here they are sited and connected to the various utility services like electricity, drainage and sometimes mains gas.

Park homes come fully-furnished and have modern interiors. They provide good sized living areas and the users can choose an open-plan layout or a more traditional style with a separate kitchen. Kitchens are modular and fully-fitted with integrated appliances.

Many homes also have a utility room. There is a lot of flexibility for the customer to be able to choose if they want a 2nd bedroom or a study or have a shower instead of a bath.

All homes come with central heating and double glazing as standard. Many of the homes also include luxurious features such as Porcelanosa tiles, rain drench showers, Unique Wall System, new composite floor systems for improved thermal performance.

Q. Are there a lot of hidden charges to be paid?

Pitch fee is payable monthly and starts from approx. £125. Council Tax is Band A for any size Park Home. In addition, you will have your normal utility bills.

Taking an average figure, we estimate the overall running costs including all of the above to be about £400 per month.

The only other charge you pay is if and when you sell your home – the buyer needs to pay a commission to the park. There is no other hidden charge / fee to be paid.

Park Homes actually provide an excellent opportunity to be able to downsize to a more easily-manageable living style while at the same time ensuring that the quality of the home and living actually get better.

You get the benefit of getting the latest modern kitchens and bathrooms which usually age and wear down over time. Installing a new kitchen or bathroom in your existing home is tiresome, time-consuming and quite expensive.

Park Homes provide a cost-effective and luxury housing option especially when you are downsizing and actually would like a smaller, easier to manage home. Plus you get so much flexibility in deciding every component of the home and designing it to your needs and sensibilities!

And one of the biggest advantages of park home living is having a friendly, understanding community of people of a similar age-range and interests living around you. You have great company when you need it and you have your privacy when you want it.

Start the journey today – visit one of our parks and see the homes, the communities and see if it works for you?

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