The WOW Factor: Life in Saltmarshe Castle Park

We caught up with our lovely residents Maxine & Peter recently. Did I mention that we borrowed all their outdoor furniture while shooting for a TV-shoot last week!

Over to Maxine

We moved to Saltmarshe Castle in August 2019 so it will be our 1-year anniversary very soon.

We were living in Spain for about 3 years when we decided to move back to be close to our families.

Peter’s family is in Exeter & mine is in Northamptonshire, so we decided to live sort of in the middle.

I had a small list of requirements which were quite important:-

1.Countryside : away from a busy city
2.Community : warm, friendly community
3.Commute : well connected
4.Cosy : Old-fashioned, village atmosphere

So we started looking at the Cotswold area. It suited us so much in terms of location & it is a gorgeous area. However it is also very expensive & we couldn’t really find what we were looking for in our budget.

Then we visited Saltmarshe & we got the ‘WOW factor’. We liked what we saw & then we went back & visited it again.

And again. And then we decided our home & our perfect plot.

You know when we chose the plot we actually wanted – it was just grass & trees. But we loved the gorgeous views. Plus our home gets the sun all day along & I really wanted that.

We chose a gorgeous brand new Regency Park Home with a lovely decking which we absolutely love.

The community in the park is absolutely lovely! It is so nice to have so many friends who are like a family now in the park.

I have started working in our Sapey Golf Club which is just up the road. I love it here & I do all the office admin work. It keeps me busy which is so helpful.

Peter is now retired; he used to run a computer company before which his son now runs. He loves the park & honestly he used to find Spain too hot, especially July-August.

We are actually so happy that we chose the perfect location! My parents are still in Spain, they have lived there for over 14 years.

They actually now want to come back & live in Saltmarshe as well.

It took us about a year from the day we chose our home & plot in Saltmarshe to actually move.

We love Alfie’s vision of the park & how he actually comes straight in when he is out & about. We recently did a photo-shoot of the park home magazine together & I feature on the cover with him! My mum can’t wait to see me on the magazine cover : )

Thank you so much Maxine for sharing your lovely story with us. The park is lucky to have lovely people like Peter & you & no wonder the community in the park is so lovely & so friendly.

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