The Show cannot begin until you Jump

The Show cannot begin until you Jump

I recently caught up with one of our Saltmarshe Castle Holiday Park Residents- Charlotte Barltrop to see how her experience of living in a Park Home was turning out.

Charlotte has had a very interesting life – her family owned a circus that used to travel the world so Charlotte grew up travelling with the circus! Her father was the ringmaster. As she got older she then started to perform in the circus along-side her family on the high wire.

These days Charlotte is passionately involved in the local community among other things. “I direct a local show in the conquest theatre in Bromyard and I am also the head official of the roller derby”.

Charlotte’s Story:

“When I first visited the park, I fell in love with the park – the peacefulness and the tranquillity of it…. can only be experienced. I can only explain it as a gut feeling that I knew the park was for me…It was like someone had flicked a switch in my mind

The park has a very classy and old fashioned way of living as everyone looks out for everyone. Like once when I wasn’t home and my water pipe broke, instead of running back or worrying – my neighbours and other residents on the park fixed it already by the time I came back from work!

I live with my 9 year old Patterdale Terrier called badger, he just loves the park and the open fields and forests that surround the park are perfect for him to run and play.

All dog lovers on the park will arrange dog walking together some evenings and also they all look out for each other’s pets , especially dog sitting and dog walking when some elderly residents don’t feel up to it

It gives me great confidence & peace of mind that Alfie Best, the chairman of Wyldecrest Parks is very hands-on, he often visits the park and knows us all and most residents feel that he is there for his residents in more way than one.

I haves family that live in the area and my mum and dad are both local and they love to visit the park”.

“There is so much to do around Hereford and Saltmarshe Castle Park -all towns are a maximum of 12 miles away. The park has its own shop & cafe and a club house that is always putting on amazing events! The Sapey Golf & Country Club is 2 miles away and arranges event nights and tribute acts often”

There is so much development work going on in the park and we are waiting with anticipation and look forward to how it will look when it’s complete!

Wyldecrest Parks would like to present from among its portfolio of more than 75 parks- the most beautiful & stunning park- set in 67 acres of woodland in the grounds of the stunning Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park.

Bromyard, the nearest town, is where you will find all your local amenities, doctors, dentist, optician and vets along with the local shops. The area is renowned for its scenic beauty and boasts of ancient towns and cities like Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester and Leominster. To the west lies the Borders region of Wales, famous for its black and white villages.

Within the surroundings of this gorgeous and historic site, you can find a wide range of farms, many of them selling locally grown fresh produce and ingredients, as well as some of the most amazing garden centres, family restaurants with homemade food and handcraft gift shops. This amazing park is ideal for those seeking a quiet retreat with easy access to the major towns and cities of the Midlands.

A massive upgrade and development are underway in the park and we’re unveiling and restoring some of its most historic features. We have some amazing homes available in this park, now massively reduced.

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