The Queen Diaries: Platinum Jubilee Special

Rebecca Maul, Surrey Hills, Guildford, Surrey


We are getting ready for the Jubilee Party in the park. About 100 residents across Surrey Hills, The Oaks & The Willow Park will be attending.

The park is now looking really festive as everyone is out and about decorating their homes
Rebecca Maul, Surrey Hills, Guildford, Surrey

Janet Bray from Beechdown Residential Park, Paignton


The majority of the parks residents are participating in a Jubilee Street party, this isn’t the first event they try and get together and do at least 2 events a year usually a cream tea afternoon then a pre-Christmas party. The residents on the park usually book the local pub to arrange a little annual get together.

The park has been beautifully decorated and some residents have been creating red, white and blue Pom Poms and one lady on park has made extra effort and taken time to hand paint each and every resident a beautiful pebble to put in their garden to remember the fabulous day they are going to have.

I have personally helped many young children over the years to learn to read and still continues to do so, especially after the pandemic as it has put strain on so many things and especially on children’s education.

Many years ago when I was a primary school teacher I heard of a local coast guard station was planning a special opening ceremony and princess Anne was going to attend the opening.
So the school arranged for a few colleagues and me to take the children to possibly get a glimpse of the princess.
Princess Anne was exceptionally friendly, she took time to speak to me and all the children Honestly, she was just so normal and genuinely happy to be there – it was a refreshing experience meeting her ?

Our area has been visited by many royals over the years. The Queen had actually sailed on the Britannia and I had arranged for all of our school children to create flags to wave to the queen as she sailed past, the day was quite foggy so even though we didn’t manage to see her but we sure saw the ship!

Nick Heywood, Wyldecrest Holiday Parks Sales & Operations Manager


Whilst I was serving in the Royal air Force at RAF Wyton back in the early 90’s I had the pleasure of being part of the team of Chefs that fed both Prince Charles & Lady Diana. There was a team of about 20 chefs who catered for 50 dignitaries. As a thank you we were all invited into the dining room and Prince Charles gave us all a round of applauds which everyone joined in.

My step daughter Rebecca Wright was chosen to present a Posey to the queen on a visit to Lincolnshire.

We were all in a line and both Rebecca’s mum and myself were present.

The queen took her time to speak to Rebecca and showed a genuine interest in her. What stood out more than anything was how immaculate the Queen was and also how small she is.

Bernard Highgate, Chilton Farm Park


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