The Dark Skies Festival at Yorkshire

Learn the wonders of the Dark Skies Festival near Wyldecrest Holiday Parks and discover how our parks serve as the perfect gateway to the stars. 

Dark skies festival

In the heart of the Yorkshire, not far from our Badgers Retreat park, an annual celebration illuminates the sky with the cosmic brilliance of stars, planets and galaxies. 

The Dark Skies Festival, a tribute to the natural beauty of the night, invites stargazers and nature enthusiasts to experience the heavens as they were meant to be seen: pristine, luminous and awe-inspiring. 

The festival began as an initiative to combat light pollution – a growing concern that not only obscures our view of the cosmos but also disrupts the natural rhythms of wildlife. By celebrating the dark skies, the festival aims to educate and inspire actions that help preserve these rare, unspoiled windows in the universe. 


You can embark on a nocturnal adventure, where night walks reveal the mysteries of the starlit sky. Astronomy workshops demystify the cosmos, teaching you how to identify constellations, track planets and even capture the night sky’s majesty through astrophotography. 

For the more adventurous, the festival offers unique experiences like caving under the stars or night cycling through landscapes bathed in moonlight. The festival invites participants to engage with the night in ways they never imagined. 


Nestled near the event, Wyldecrest Holiday Parks offer the perfect base camp for your celestial journey. Our parks are more than just a place to stay; they are gateways to adventure, relaxation and unforgettable memories. With comfortable accommodation and scenic surroundings, they provide a peaceful retreat. 

As the festival unfolds, guests at Wyldecrest Holiday Parks can enjoy the convenience of being close to the action while still having a home-from-home to stay in.  


This year, as the Dark Skies Festival approaches, we extend a special invitation to you. Join us at Wyldecrest Holiday Parks and immerse yourself in the beauty of the cosmos.

With a mission to provide unforgettable holiday experiences, we are one of the UK’s largest holiday park operators. Our parks, nestled in some of the most stunning locations across the country, offer a blend of luxury and nature.  

From cosy holiday homes for those seeking a second residence to vibrant short breaks for families, Wyldecrest Holiday Parks are dedicated to making every stay memorable. Our parks are not just a place to stay; they are destinations where families can come together and create lasting memories.  

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