The Best out of all the others – 200%

We had a short chat with them about how the whole move was for them. Hope you enjoy reading it!

We had come across Wyldecrest on the internet. We basically booked a cottage central to 5 other parks to visit all of them to get a feel for the areas and to see which we liked. When we visited Saltmarshe Castle Park we were blown away. This park was 200% the best out of all we have ever seen” Mr & Mrs H who have recently moved into our Tower Court development on Saltmarshe Castle Park (They don’t want to mention their complete names due to some personal issues)

Where were you living before moving into the park home?

We were living in Lincolnshire, in a bungalow. Our Bungalow had 3 bedrooms and was quite a decent size. We have 3 children who are all grown up now & have moved out. We didn’t have any pets.

How did you hear about Wyldecrest Parks?

We had come across Wyldecrest on the internet. We basically booked a cottage central to 5 other parks to visit all of them to get a feel for the areas and to see which we liked. When we visited Saltmarshe Castle Park we were blown away. This park was 200% the best out of all we have ever seen.

What made you pick Saltmarshe Castle Park?

We absolutely fell in love with the location, environment of the park. How beautiful and quiet the park is and how you have everything you need. We also fell in love with Bromyard. First impression was that it’s a funny little old fashioned place. Couldn’t believe that it had a theatre, shops basically everything you need only minutes away without it being too much. Sapey Golf Club has different evenings on and Sunday lunch, we are booking in for the Motown evening which we are very excited for.

What were the top reasons for moving into a park home?

We wanted to downsize as it was just us two and a large garden and house was just getting too much for us to maintain.  The reason we decided on a park home was due to us going on holiday in one and I fell in love with how easy and immaculate they are, so I rang the owner and asked if it was for sale (it wasn’t) so from then we decided we wanted to move into a park home. We also loved the fact that they are fully-furnished and ready to move in.

What were the most important factors which needed to be right when you chose the park & the home?

Safe environment, Quiet, with friendly people on park! Saltmarshe ticked all these boxes as we have experienced extremely friendly and helpful staff, the maintenance team are very helpful and polite. And everyone who lives/stays on park is so friendly; we go for a walk every night and end up chatting away with someone.

How was the transition period/process for you? How long did the whole moving process take?

Very easy really, the Sales Manager David Masters was very informative. Our house was put on the market and luckily sold the next day, so we sold in January and moved in to our park home in May. Every question I had was answered straight away and the process was just very smooth.

What is the best part of living in the park?

There is a lot to do on the park and we actually don’t have to leave to start enjoying. There are tea rooms, restaurant here and lots of activities are held every day. And we are also big lovers of National Trust and English Heritage so we are so pleased that we have those to explore locally.

Along with the Sapey Golf and Country Club for the entertainment evenings and the Sunday Roasts we love as its minutes away.

Saltmarshe also offer a bus service to take us into Bromyard and that then can take you to Hereford which is absolutely fantastic.

Any not so good parts of living in the park?

Well nothing really, apart from wanting the balcony area done before we moved in so we could use straight away however as this wasn’t completed and we moved in. However since then I have realised I needed to change to plan of the balcony anyway as the original balcony decking area I wanted would have restricted our beautiful views so I have now opted for glass to keep our beautiful view so for this I am grateful it wasn’t done before we moved in J

  • Was a sense of community living important when you chose the park lifestyle?

Yes very much so! We love having people around us that are younger as it makes us happy. We love seeing the children, the families as it creates a lovely atmosphere. Everyone just seems to be so friendly.

What made you choose this home?

My biggest wish for our park home was open plan living, and windows down to the floor as the views are too beautiful to miss and I love the fresh countryside air. This home ticked all those boxes with the move in and nothing to do. This meant we had less work to do and more time to spend together and enjoy each other.

Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park is located in a peaceful and breath-taking woodland setting, approximately 2.5 miles north of the town of Bromyard on the borders of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It is situated with south facing views overlooking the Bromyard Downs and Malvern Hills.

This park is situated in the endless grounds of Saltmarshe Castle, a former country house and estate first owned by the Higginson family and then through the generations to the Barnaby family in 1946.  Although the Castle itself was demolished many years ago, in 1955, parts of the outer walls and turrets still remain, together with various outbuildings, stables, ice house, and cider wheel, making this park a unique place to live.

Bromyard, the nearest town, is where you will find all your local amenities, doctors, dentist, optician and vets along with the local shops.

The area is renowned for its scenic beauty and many ancient towns and cities, including Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester and Leominster, all accessible by the local bus services in Bromyard.

Within the local surroundings of this gorgeous and historic park, you can find a wide range of farms, many of them selling locally grown fresh produce and ingredients, as well as some of the most amazing centres, family restaurants with homemade food and handcraft gift shops.

You can site ANY Park Home you want and these stunning homes are available to VIEW & BUY!

  • Omar Regency 40×20, 2 Bedrooms, L-Shape Lounge
  • Omar Regency 45×20, 2 Bedrooms with study
  • Omar Newmarket 40×20, 2 Bedrooms
  • Omar Newmarket 45×20, 2 Bedrooms
  • Willerby Hazlewood 40×20, 2 Bedrooms
  • Willerby Hazlewood 44×20, 2 Bedrooms
  • Wessex Dorset 40×20, 2 Bedrooms

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