Saltmarshe Castle Park: A Dream Residential Development

This spectacular project has seen the transformation of a former derelict castle into one of UK’s finest & purpose-built residential developments.

This park has been created in the grounds of Saltmarshe Castle, a former country house and estate first owned by the Higginson family and then through the generations to the Barnaby family in 1946. Although the Castle itself was demolished many years ago, parts of the outer walls and turrets still remain, together with various outbuildings, stables, ice house and cider wheel, making this park a unique place to live.

Wyldecrest Parks acquired this site in 2015 & started the development process soon after.

Above: How the park looked back in 2015-16, the office when it was first installed
To the above right is the initial development on Tower Court & the 1st home ever to be sited.

Above: The first developments coming together. The biggest home being transported to the park & the water & sewage pipes being installed.


The park has come a long way from where it started: the Tower Court Development which started 1st is almost fully occupied now.

The Castle Lake development has had its 1st phase of homes reserved already.

The 2nd phase of plots is now ready with homes available to view & a selection of plots to choose from to order a bespoke home of your choice.


We searched online & whichever way we tried – the biggest name which kept jumping at us was Saltmarshe Castle. We looked at it online & it looked very interesting.

We knew someone who lived on the park & they couldn’t recommend it enough. We then decided to visit the park.
Mr Martin & Mrs Josephine, residents

The park is blessed in terms of its beautiful & peaceful woodland location. It is a haven of peace & quiet & boasts of beautiful views over the Malvern Hills & Bromyard downs.

To the west lies the Border region of Wales, famous for its black and white villages. Within the local surroundings of this gorgeous and historic park you can find a wide range of farms, many of them selling locally grown fresh produce and ingredients, as well as some of the most amazing garden centres, family restaurants with homemade food and handcraft gift shops.


We absolutely fell in love with the location, environment of the park. How beautiful and quiet the park is and how you have everything you need. We also fell in love with Bromyard. First impression was that it’s a funny little old fashioned place. Couldn’t believe that it had a theatre, shops basically everything you need only minutes away without it being too much. Sapey Golf Club has different evenings on and Sunday lunch, we are booking in for the Motown evening which we are very excited for.
Mr & Mrs H, residents.

The park boasts amazing facilities including:

  • Clubhouse: the hub of activity & community in the park!
  • Shop & Café: Extremely handy always!
  • Beautiful walks & lakes
  • Office & resident manager on-site

Above: How the park has been transformed into what it is now.


Saltmarshe Castle Park has been featured in many of our TV programs & commercials. It has also been featured in a documentary done by BBC about how Residential Parks like Saltmarshe provide an excellent solution for luxury, low-cost downsizing especially for the older population.

One day during our online search we came across Saltmarshe Castle Park & we decided to visit. We loved what we saw – it has such a beautiful location & had so many amenities on site including a café, shop & even a clubhouse.

We decided that this location was for us & then we chose the gorgeous Omar Regency park home for its excellent design & the space it provides. It has a spacious, bright living room with a separate kitchen.

We can’t really wait to move into our new home now & we are really looking forward to our new home in the lovely new surroundings, especially in these present difficult times.
A brilliant sense of community was a very important factor for us when looking at residential parks.
Mrs Jane, moving soon to Saltmarshe Castle Park


The Park has been recently awarded the premium park badge as well by Wyldecrest Park Chairman Alfie Best.

It is only the 2nd Wyldecrest Residential Park to be awarded this coveted badge from among 80 other Wyldecrest Parks

This park has been a passion for me – when I bought it, I knew it would transform into something extremely beautiful. It is like a mini-village & I love to visit it. I own more than 80 residential parks across the UK, but when someone asks me for some personal favourites – Saltmarshe will be high on that list.
Alfie Best, Chairman, Wyldecrest Parks.

The best part about living on the park, is where we are situated has the most beautiful scenery. The park is so clean, the air is clean. Sounds funny but even the nights are so dark due to no light pollution, so we are sleeping so well.

We love the nature and wildlife that we have right outside our door. Sheep in the field opposite and we have seen so many different birds.

There is nothing better than waking up to these views, starting your day with a view that we now have it’s the best part to the day.
Mr Bird & Ms Hardman, residents.

The nearest town of Bromyard has everything you need. The local doctor’s surgery has 11 doctors and appointments can be had on the same name. There is a Dentist taking NHS patients, Optician, Gym, Vets, and locally owned shops. All the main Supermarkets do deliver to your door as well.

The gorgeous Sapey Golf and Country Club, about 3.4 miles down the road from Saltmarshe is part of the Wyldecrest Group where you will be able to enjoy favourable discounts and memberships, food and beverage. The Golf Swing Simulator is now completed and a great facility to play 12 other golf course around the world or to practise your game with one of the team.

A short chat with our lovely resident, Joan Sherwood who also runs the cosy café-shop in the park

Q. What made you choose Saltmarshe Castle Park?

I have lived in the Herefordshire since about 1990 with my husband and we just love the area and the park. The park has some amazing views and the location is excellent as well.

Q. You run the shop/café in the park, what made you do that?

Well, I realised I had a lot of spare time on my hands and I decided to start off with a small shop-café for the local park residents. Another reason was that it was a big park and I knew that if I ran my shop well, the residents would be more than happy to visit the shop for their daily needs.

And also there was this idea at the back of my mind that it would be really nice to have a place which could become the focal hub for the whole Saltmarshe community. Our Café holds special events like Psychic evenings, Valentines party, various art & craft workshops and a monthly flower-decoration workshop. I must say that the events are very popular and we get amazing participation from the entire park community.

Q. How is life in the park?

Life has been great, I never imagined running a café-shop but here I am and enjoying every moment of it. I love that everyone on the park are so caring and loving.

You won’t believe it, but I recently went on holiday and before going I had mentioned to a few friends around the park that I wanted to re-decorate the shop/café. You won’t believe it, when I came back – my lovely friends had re-decorated it completely!

Since I had lived on a caravan near the park, I had experienced the whole community aspect of it. So when we transitioned into a lovely Park Home, it was a very natural and also a very good decision. The homes are cosy and modern and extremely easy to clean and look after which is a blessing!

Q. Anything else you would like to share with people who are thinking about park homes?

Well, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a very good decision that we made and I am so glad that we made it.

I would invite anyone who is thinking about the move to come over for a cream tea and have a chat with us! And some of my home-baked bread pudding which is an absolute bestseller.

Park home bungalows are more luxurious than ever & the benefits of staying engaged in a community especially as we age are quite obvious and positively enhance our lives in a multitude of ways.

In fact, the far-reaching effects cannot be quantified or measured but they cannot be missed.

We did a survey of our residents asked them questions like:

1. Do you have neighbours who you can rely on for support in times of illness or emergency?
2. Do you have a support group of neighbours or friends local to where you live?

A very high number of people (87%) replied in affirmation to having friends and neighbours in their park that they can rely on and also who are part of a regular group of friends.

In fact, many residents mentioned how being part of this community has helped them in being in control of their health and care. They also feel that it has given them a purpose in life and has created a mutually-enhancing environment in the parks.

Our Saltmarshe Castle Residential is now home to an ever-growing friendly community & offers a peaceful, friendly way of life for the over 45’s. Park homes are at least 50% or less cost-wise compared to conventional brick-mortar homes in the same location, they are low maintenance, well insulated and energy-efficient.

Buying one can release the equity tied up in your existing home, giving you more cash in your bank account.

I drove onto the park on 2nd July 2015 and didn’t unpack the car staying in the local B&B that night. Alfie, drove up the next day and gave me his vision for the Saltmarshe Castle for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

Today we have exceeded that vision for the 5 year plan and what has been achieved by team members past and present is incredible from day one to today.

To achieve the coveted Premium Park status within the five years is also great recognition transforming the park to how it is now.

Five years on and my progression within Wyldecrest Parks has been a fantastic journey for me to starting as a Sales Person to Park Manager, receiving Employee of the Year 2017 to today being an Area Sales Director looking after 8 parks & our Sapey Golf & Country Club. Be hard work, enjoyable and exciting times ahead for the next 5 years.
David Masters, Resident & Park Manager & Area Sales Director.

If you would like to come & visit this spectacular park, please get in touch & we assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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