Park Home Trends 2021

Wyldecrest Residential Parks has been at the forefront of providing good quality manufactured housing specifically for the ageing population.

Residential Park homes offer a viable housing option for those who want to maintain the independence and privacy that comes with having a home of their own, access to facilities close-by or onsite plus a great sense of support and community.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, life has been tough & there have been so many challenges for everyone.

We realized quite early on that the older population was at an increased risk of being affected by this illness in the worst possible way & with the manic spread across so many care-homes, it raised many questions & fears regarding the safety of housing options.

2021 has been one of our busiest years ever. We have had the largest number of residents move into our residential developments across the country plus we have a large number of new residents who have reserved their plots and homes and are looking to move in next year.

It is common knowledge that a significant number of people over the age of 60 would like to downsize into more suitable accommodation, yet they are unable to do so. People in this age range are generally living in 3-bedroomed homes (on an average) & these homes are surplus to their needs & actually difficult for them to maintain.

What we found was that many of our residents were actually able to find much more modern, easier to manage residential park bungalows in areas quite local to where they live.

So they continued to be local to where they have always lived – they could sell their homes & release funds.

We used to rent a quaint bungalow but as we got older we wanted to simplify our life.

We researched park home living and we found that these homes are good value for money as well as offering easy maintenance and top security for the perfect forever home.

Richard had previously lived in a residential park in his earlier years and loved the park living lifestyle and knew that a good residential park would tick all the boxes we were looking for.
Jean and Richard (Residents, Westover Residential Park)

This year we found that more than 77% of our residents are able to save extra funds as part of the equity release when they sold their home. Also a large percentage of our residents were able to help their children start on the property ladder with a portion of the money which was released.

Park Homes cost about 50% (or less) than a like-for-like bricks & mortar home. You end up with a manageable, single-storey comfortable size home but you don’t lose independence. In fact, you become part of a community for life.

When we visited the park, we thought it was lovely and were quite impressed by how spacious & well laid out a park home really is. We were not expecting such well-designed luxury bungalows which are spacious for a comfortable lifestyle, From the date we reserved the home to the time we moved – it took us about 6 months & the entire experience has been excellent.
Susan & John (Saltmarshe Castle Residents)

So looking back at 2021, the trends in the choice of homes were quite similar to what we saw in 2020.

Our most popular homes this year were:

  • Willerby Hazlewood
  • Omar Newmarket
  • Omar Regency
  • Elegant Amber
  • Willerby Charnwood

The Hazlewood was the top selling home in 2020 as well closely followed by the Newmarket. These same two homes are our top two homes this year as well.

The Omar Regency, the traditionally most popular park home, made a revival at number 3.

The Elegant Amber home – a brand new model which is a mix of the Regency and the Newmarket home design was our number 4 top selling home.

On number 5 was the Charnwood Park Home.

This year we welcomed more than 180 residents across our Residential Parks.

The most popular was Saltmarshe Castle which welcomed 35 new residents and homes reserved for more than 25 residents for 2022 in our Saltmarshe Castle Park making it the number 1 choice of our customers.

Closely following that park were Westover residential park (Pembrokeshire/ Carmarthenshire) and Rookery Drove (Suffolk) which also welcomed a large number of new residents.

Our Quarry Rock garden park (Bath) is fully sold out now except for 1 last plot which is now available. It will be a good sized 30 x 16 park home which would be available around the £199,995 mark.

Gattington Park (Lincolnshire) was completely sold out as well but we are looking at developing 3 new homes in this park in the New Year.

Other popular parks were Cranbourne Hall Park in Winkfield, Windsor, and the beautiful Tranquility residential park in Woolacombe, Devon. Both these parks are extremely popular especially because of their locations.

We have a lot of these homes in production which will be ready for customers in 2022. As some of you may be aware, a few things have contributed to the manufacturing costs going up which will have a direct impact on the cost of the homes.

We are trying to reduce the impact to our new customers as much as possible. The existing stock in our parks is still available at the pre-increase levels.

The most popular park home size this year was 800 square feet which is popularly referred to as a 40 x 20 park home. This is a perfect size bungalow which ensures two spacious bedrooms and two modern bathrooms.

The next most popular size is a 36 x 20 (720 square feet) home followed by the massive 45 x 20 (900 square feet) home.

Average UK house sizes: 4 main property types:

1. Flats

• Average UK house size: 656 sq. ft.
• Average number of bedrooms: 1 to 2

2. Bungalows

• Average UK house size: 828 sq. ft.
• Average number of bedrooms: 2

3. Terraced Homes

• Average UK house size (smaller terraced home): 688 sq. ft.
• Average UK house size (larger terraced home): 1087 sq. ft.
• Average number of bedrooms: 2 to 3

4. Semi-detached Homes

• Average UK house size: 1033 sq. ft.
• Average number of bedrooms: 3

A common misconception is that park homes don’t have space. As you can see from the above data, park homes are larger than the average flats and as spacious as an average terraced house.

Park homes are built knowing that people will have things to store & therefore they have clever in-built storage options. Plus we can do sheds on most of our parks which can help with additional storage.

There are a variety of park home designs which can be achieved in this size specification.

The highlight is the ease of maintaining the home especially cleaning- well we can finish it top to bottom in half an hour!
Jane, resident, Redhill Park.

If you are yearning for some good old British community spirit a Residential park community is one of the best options for you to consider. The average age of residents in park homes is above 55, in fact in a survey in 2020, 68% of the residential park occupants were 60 or over.

Buying a property doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With no upward chains to think about and a first-class sales team, you’re free to choose your new home without constraint or worry.

In order to make your move onto one of our prestigious parks as smooth as possible, we can offer to buy your current property in part exchange for your new Park Home.

Our Part Exchange Scheme is unique to us and is designed to take away the stress, inconvenience and added work of selling a property, leaving you more time to actually plan your move.

As soon as the park home is ready and the purchase agreed, you’re able to move in. This truly is hassle-free home buying.

Start your journey today – visit one of our parks and see the homes, the communities and see if it works for you?

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