Pamper with a Purpose!

How does a pampering Spa experience with a relaxing foot massage, some Jasmine tea, candles and music sound?

Wyldecrest Parks recently started a series of pampering events for its park residents, completely free with all proceeds going to Charity. The first SPA SATURDAY event was held at Fangrove Park, Surrey on 13th October 2018 and was a memorable event for all who attended.

The residents could choose from a variety of treatments, from foot massages to head massage, facials to manicures all provided in a spectacular show-home in the comfort of their own residential park.

All treatments were provided for £1 to the residents with all money collected going to Wyldecrest Charity. But our residents were very generous and we ended up raising almost £50 for charity which will all go to our chosen Charity.

The spa was held in our beautiful stock home which we had transformed into a mini-spa for the day with candles and soothing music and snacks and drinks. Our residents were really delighted with the experience and all of them expressed how they would like more regular events like this in their parks!

Our most popular treatment was foot massage closely followed by head/shoulder massage.

Our most stylish resident- Sandra Clark got a mini pedicure and foot massage done. She had moved into her Beautiful park home last Christmas and she gave us a lovely account of how life on the park has been. She mentioned how close-knit the whole park was and how time seems to stop and how each time they sort of turn to enter the park it’s like entering a haven of peace and tranquillity.

She also mentioned how they celebrate occasions like the royal wedding, the football world cup together in the park in the community club. Even events like birthdays become a celebration and the whole community comes together to share.

One of the other ladies, Mrs Ruth Mohan got a foot massage done. She has been living in the park for almost 25 years! She mentioned how much she loves the old-world charm of living in a park where everyone knows each other and a cup of tea is a knock away. She also mentioned that she loves the openness and the beautiful green setting of the park and wants to keep it this way and sometimes doesn’t like when people put up fences around their homes as she feels it’s a very open and close-knit community on the park and wants to keep it like that forever.

We also had two lovely couples who got treatments done. One of the couples was the lovely Lyne & Allen Elderfield who have been in the park for a number of years. They chose to move into a park home for a sense of community and an added bonus of a safe, secure minimum traffic location.

All our residents wanted to know when next and we promised them we will be back soon!

So for our next SPA DAY, we are going to our beautiful Saltmarshe castle Residential Park and the Saltmarshe Castle Holiday Park. We will aim to provide to our residents a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the comfort of their park. The event will be completely sponsored by Wyldecrest and all proceeds will go to Wyldecrest Charity.

If you are considering the move to a park home or you’re interested in buying a park home, sms HOME to 82228 or visit our website, or call us at 03301337300.

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