Our Forever Home – Bayworth Park

An amazing couple – Rose and Jason Hawk, moved into Bayworth Residential Park 2 weeks back. Our Park manager caught up with them yesterday to see how they were settling in. They shared a lovely account of how they decided to move and what was important for them.
We present their account below, completely unedited – just as it was relayed by them! Over to Rose & Jason

We were living approximately 10 minutes away in a Village called Cumnor, Oxford.

Living on a busy estate on the flight path from Brize Norton airfield it was very noisy and we just wanted peace and quiet. We had a 4 bedroom property with a garden and parking for 3 cars.

Cumnor is a lovely village but we wanted somewhere we could live for the rest of our lives without worrying about noisy neighbours and teenagers playing loud music.

We have a lovely 15 month old Labrador and 3 elderly cats so it was important to us to find somewhere that would accept pets. In fact when we were looking the one thing that would stop us viewing were the words “No Pets”

Due to Jason being diagnosed with a terminal illness, this prompted the move. He wanted to know that I would be settled in a nice easily manageable place that was friendly and I wouldn’t feel isolated so we started to look for the ideal place.

Also as we both still work, it was important that it was close to work and also close to family.

After several searches we found Wyldecrest were advertising new Homes at Bayworth Park so this immediately gained our interest and we arranged a viewing

This had to be right as this would be out “forever” home and we wanted to feel this was the place to spend the rest of our lives.

We visited the park on more than one occasion, measuring the plot and getting the “feel” for the place and each time we parked up we were greeted by other residents who had been living on the site for many-many years, this to me felt right, this is how I remember it was when I was growing up when you knew everyone by name in the village – we lived in Cumnor for 17 years and I can only name 6 neighbours. We were welcomed with open arms and hearts and even without knowing us we were shown around gardens and treated like old friends.

The garden of our old home was at least 3 times bigger than the plot we have but we decided what was being offered was an acceptable size and we were willing to forgo a large garden for peace and tranquillity.

The move was easy, being not too far away, we gradually moved in our belongings and most of our things from our house were either given away or placed in several skips – it’s surprising what you gain over the years that you don’t actually need and as the home was fully furnished we really didn’t need a removal lorry just a nephew with a van.

Since moving in life has changed, we are more relaxed, it’s so quiet it’s like being on holiday 7 days a week.

The neighbours are wonderful and really friendly – a real feeling of community, it means a lot to have people call good morning to you or a wave when they see you.

The park is beautiful with lovely places to walk the dog and I was amazed to find a deer farm too so I can see deer from my kitchen window.

We both have cars and it’s easy to get to the local village of Wootton, Abingdon Town or Oxford city for shopping.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t think of one bad thing about living at Bayworth park and even with the recent snow, I was worried I wouldn’t get up the hill to Boars hill road – only to find out that they regularly grit the road and it was completely clear of snow and ice so I had no problem getting to work.

The home is lovely, cosy and warm and really easy to clean.

We love our forever home!

Thank you Rose & Jason — Bayworth Park is such a warm and friendly park and it’s because of residents like you that the park actually feels like a mini-village.

Bayworth Park Highlights

Bayworth Park (Bayworth, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX13 6QX) is the perfect place to retire, set in beautiful rural surroundings, overlooking areas of outstanding beauty.  

Tucked away at the end of a lane, this park is peaceful and tranquil and yet the bustling University town of Oxford is just five miles away and the market town of Abingdon-on-Thames only two miles. For the convenience of the residents, a local bus service that stops right outside the park.

We have some lovely homes and plots available on this park; please give us a call to arrange an appointment 0330 133 7300.

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