Of Adventures and New Beginnings: My Move to a Park Home

Our lovely new resident, Gerald Potten has been in his brand-new park home for exactly a week and one day today.

My Broadband and Wi-Fi will be installed between today & tomorrow and that will be my move complete!

I was living in Kent about 250 miles away. I was looking at downsizing and having a fresh start and this home and area made so much sense for me.

I viewed the home in January and completed the move in the first week of November. The home was ready to move in when I saw it and I was ready to move in

The only reason it actually took this long was that I had my flat sale fall through and it took the buyer a while to complete. The buyer had to pull out because his mortgage became impossible due to the rising rates. I finally managed to find a cash buyer and completed the sale fairly fast after.

I visited few of my neighbours after moving in and honestly, I am blown away with their kindness.

They have showed me around everywhere, even got me a ticket to the Christmas party which is at a social club at the end of the road!
I am really looking forward to the party!

I have now spoken to a lot of park residents now as I love to go for walks. The camaraderie is great and it is refreshing being able to just have a chat with so many people.

I honestly moved here to start afresh, maybe a new adventure. I love my home and the park and I am thrilled to start this new chapter in my life.

It is great to know that you are settling in well Gerald. We hope that this move is the start of a new adventure.

We have had a lot of residents move in for various reasons like moving closer to family or staying local.

We are sure that this move for you will be the start of a new chapter in your life. We wish you the best of health and happiness in your new home!

Where you struggled to sell your flat, we have recently revamped and restyled our part exchange service. It is designed to our prospective buyers to recession-proof their purchase.

In a nutshell we will be your assured buyers. If we sell above the market price which we have guaranteed, we will pass over the entire profit over to you and not keep any money/commission from it.

For more details of what we offer, please get in touch.

Penwortham Residential Park is an established community and boasts of a quiet, secluded location while having a range of excellent shopping and general amenities literally next door.

Penwortham Park provides an environment where you can relax in quiet and secure surroundings yet benefit from living in a vibrant community.

We have one last home available to buy in this park. It is a 2 bedrooms 2-bathrooms park home which is ready to view and move in immediately.

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