New owner out to create a ‘five-star retirement park’

Multi-millionaire businessman Alfie Best has completed a £2.6-million deal to buy a residential home Park in Bath.

The 83-plot Quarry Rock Park in Claverton Down, Bath, formed part of a three-park £6 million acquisition for the 48-year-old entrepreneur.
He now has 75 parks in his UK portfolio making Wyldecrest Parks the biggest residential park owner in Europe.
Alfie said: “Quarry Rock was the jewel in the crown of the three parks. It is very old, a little bit tired and run down but nothing that can’t be changed.”
Wyldecrest Parks will be consulting with residents to see how they want to improve the park.
Alfie says the development “will give Bath a 5 star retirement park” and that they will be “calling a meeting with the residents in the next few months”.
He said: “We can’t do it without the help of the residents. Some residents are stuck in their ways and others will grasp the opportunity with both hands as they realise it will increase the value if their property.
“We have to work together, it’s a two way street. We’ll work hand in hand to give them the best quality of life.” The company started out buying commercial property and bought its first residential park 17 years ago.
Alfie says the company’s goal is to own 100 parks. He said: “Wyldecrest Parks have set standards in a ground breaking way.”
One tenant who is looking forward to the change of hands is Bryan Chalker.
Bryan was the Mayor of Bath and councillor for 12 years and now lives in one of the residential homes at Quarry Rock Park. “We’ve had a visit from one of the officials and he seems reasonable. It couldn’t be any worse than it was… One year we had the fire brigade turn up because of the snow. “The owners’ attitude was that old people didn’t need to go out, they could shop online. But the delivery trucks couldn’t even get through. “Four older residents dug a track for vehicles.
“It is 99 per cent maintained by the residents. “The problems are the site entrance is scruffy and there needs to be a traffic calming system put in place.” Five years ago Bryan was run over by a truck due to the poor traffic system outside the park. Despite the problems Bryan and his wife have stayed living at Quarry Rock. He said: “It’s a lovely site. It’s wildlife friendly and well maintained by residents…
We all look after each other. “It’s safe and a nice community atmosphere. “I love it here, me and my wife love it here, it’s peaceful.”

(As featured in Bath Chronicle, Thursday, November 8,2018)

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