My Big Fat ‘Residential Park’ Family

I moved into my new park home yesterday. I think I have already had most of the park residents drop in to say hello or drop welcome cards and have been invited for tea multiple times. Honestly, I feel more than welcome – I feel I have found a family!

I feel very safe in the park in the current scenario as well, it is so open & away from crowds but still we have a community who I know will care for me even though I have lived on this park for less than 24 hours.

I have lived In Slough all my life. I was born in my family home, a 3-bed beautiful property & went on to raise my family in that home. I actually was emotionally attached to my home.

I tragically lost my husband last year. My dear daughter wants to be there for me as much as she can & wanted me to move closer to her.

So she started looking for a home near where she lived. She had seen & heard about residential parks & she felt that it would be a great environment for me & would help me deal with my grief better.

I can say that she was so right. My home is modern & fully equipped & is a perfect size as well. Plus I now live less than 15 minutes from where my daughter & grand-children live.

I retired about 10 years back & used to work in accounts. I have been exploring water aerobics recently and try to attend at least 2 classes a week.

I have a 10-minute walk to the local pool so the location works very well for me in all aspects as all amenities are less than a 12-15 minute walk as well.

I moved so that I could downsize from my big home into a more manageable park home. It’s just a more sensible way of living as unnecessary utility bills come down as well as it’s a new build & there is no wasted space, different floors.

As I said before, I moved in yesterday & I already feel that I know my neighbours & all residents on my park who have literally welcomed me with open arms.

Thank you Mrs. Pierce for sharing your lovely story with us! We wish you years of good health & happiness in your new home.

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