Moving into a home in 11 Days!

Sometimes when you see a beautiful smiling face and you never realise the sheer mental strength of the person behind it. I’m talking about Susan Kennedy who lives on Gattington Park with her husband Peter.

Hat’s off to Susan, a woman who is so strong that’s it’s an honour to share her story. I’m sure you will also say the same once you read her story.

Let’s start 3 years back I lost my only brother suddenly in August 2015. Just like that.

It affected me immensely and my head was all over the place. I was living in a house in Arundel, West Sussex during that time.

My name is Susan Kennedy, and I have turned 60 recently. I moved to my new Wyldecrest park home in Gattington Park in April 2018.

One fine day, my darling husband Peter was diagnosed with Cancer and heart failure.

I just woke up one morning and decided, life is too short, I need to stop trying to please my family my friends and just think about my husband. I became my husband’s full-time Carer and decided that he and I need to live our lives on our terms.

I simply wanted my husband and me to enjoy the rest of our lives, free up some funds for added security and just enjoy life to the full.

I sold the house in Arundel and bought a holiday lodge in Bracklesham, Chichester, but in my complete naivety, I never looked into the ownership details or the costs involved.

Within four months the ground rent was put up by 4% and the winter licence went up by 2%. I realised that at this rate, all my savings money would soon disappear. Plus, I realised that we would be without a home for a month as the site was closed for four weeks in the year.

I did like the lodge but I realised that it was not practical for a permanent home.

I know Lincolnshire extremely well and decided to browse the internet for permanent residential park homes.

I came across several and Wyldecrest Parks- Gattington Park Home immediately drew my attention.

I debated over the idea of moving for a few days, went over it a couple of times in my head, and finally, rang the sales office and made an appointment.

You know the scary part- I didn’t even tell my husband about this idea of mine and that I had already made an appointment!

So on the day of the appointment, it was a Friday; I got up at 5 am as it was a 5-hour drive for me. My husband asked me if I was feeling alright as I never get up before 10!

Anyways, I told him I’m going to drive down to look at a park home and he gave me a really funny look and I’m sure he thought I was quite mad!

So after an exhaustive journey (I hate driving), as I turned into the site- I could see my anxiety fading away. I had arranged to meet with Sales Manager, (Gattington Park) and as she walked me around the beautiful park, with the dainty pond and trees – I could see us living there already.

I got to know that it is a small park with only 36 lodges and the community is very close and friendly and has its own residents association. So as I finished my tour of this quaint park with a single road wrapping around it and surrounded by countryside, I knew in my heart that this is it.

When the sales manager went over the figures with me I could not believe that I could get such a luxurious home for my money and how cheap the ground rent council tax is.

I quickly calculated that in one year I would save £5000 in ground rent charges alone and I would have a permanent home without the worry of being homeless for a month every year.

She helped me with any and all queries I had, she is very well-versed with the area and helped me understand all the amenities nearby.

The park is dog-friendly, which was great as I have three dogs.

As I sat in the lodge (which I now live in by the way!), thinking how being part of a small community, near to shops and doctors and being on the bus route as well would be so nice for Peter and me.

In my heart, I was really dreading all the paperwork and the whole stress of moving again, within seven months.

But I decided to be brave and made the decision to buy! All this while, my poor husband had no idea, that I have done the deed!

She was so concerned that Peter hadn’t seen the lodge, nor the site, she advised me to think about it but I was SURE.

Would you believe it- within eleven days we were moved in!

The Wyldecrest Parks sales manager was there to greet us when we moved in with Champagne and flowers (So lovely of her!). We took Peter around the site and she answered any questions he had, but he was so happy when he saw our new home and the park.

I can say that the whole process went so smoothly, it was totally stress-free and all the people from Wyldecrest who I came across during the moving period helped me in every way possible.

Thank you so much, Susan, for this lovely story! At Wyldecrest parks we take immense pride in being UKs largest Park Operator. In being UKs only ISO 9001 certified park operator. We thrive on relationships, between the residents, between your home and you – and between you and us.

At Wyldecrest are proud of managing our parks to high standards and making sure your move goes smoothly and without any stress. 0800 029 3742 or visit

Gattington Park highlights

Gattington Residential Park in Lincolnshire is an exclusive park home estate for retired and semi-retired couples or singles over 50 years of age. It is situated in beautiful countryside, near the village of Coningsby and the river Witham with its fishing and moorings and the hamlet of Dogdyke. The area is famous for its RAF base, fighter jets and the Battle of Britain Memorial site. There is a local bus service from outside the park and banks, cosy pubs and supermarkets are just a mile away in Coningsby

Bus Stop – 0.1 mile
Tattershall Castle – 3.5 miles
Tattershall station Gallery and Pottery – 4.5 miles
RAF Coningsby – 3 miles
The new Coningsby surgery- 2.4 miles
Coningsby Dental surgery- 2.4 miles
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