Me, Hilary & Ted

Me, Hilary & Ted

The very friendly Martin Barry has recently put a deposit in for a new park home on our very popular Elm Tree Park in Bristol.

He will be moving there with his lovely wife Hilary & their cute dog Ted. We caught up with Martin to see how he came about choosing the home & the park.

Q. How did you decide on park home living?

We had been looking at park homes for over a year now. My wife & I both are 61 and we have always lived in Bristol & wanted to move to a park home locally.

We saw a lot of sites & parks around the area & didn’t really like them much. As soon as we stepped into Elm Tree Park on the morning of the 17th of December, both my wife & I felt that we could live here.

Q. What were your living conditions before?

We live in new, modern 3-bed detached bungalow with a beautiful garden around it. We have put it up for sale today & we are confident that it will be sold soon and we can move into our lovely new Hazlewood park home bungalow.

Q. How was your experience of Elm Tree Park?

As I said before, the moment we stepped onto the park, we loved it. What I loved was the ease of getting in and out of the park.

I am a trainer & I travel a lot all over the UK. I was sure that I did not want a park which has unnecessary traffic around it as that would make it unliveable for me.

The park was peaceful & quiet & as we walked around the park- the people were very friendly. One of our main reasons for choosing park life is the community spirit.

We like the ease of maintaining the home, bungalow layout etc. but it is being part of a community that we are actually looking for & I can say we haven’t been disappointed. Our future neighbours came to see us when they saw us looking at the home & they had very good things to say about the park & the people on the park.

It helped us make our mind instantly & we put a deposit to secure the home.

The home we have chosen was already on the park and is a 2 bed -2 baths Willerby Hazlewood, 36 x 20 square feet. Since our home is already on the park we are hoping to complete our property sale & move into our lovely new bungalow very quickly.

Thank you so much Martin for sharing your reasons and your experience with us. It definitely helps many people who are looking at moving into a park home on how the experience & journey has been for others like them.

This lovely 12-month, fully residential park is fully sold. However, we have a park less than 50 miles away in Bath called Quarry Rock which has 2 new park homes available to view & a choice of plots available to choose from.

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