“Love at first sight“, Saltmarshe Castle Park

Meet our gorgeous resident Jane Glaze from Saltmarshe Castle Park. She moved in a few months back and we caught up with her recently.

It was love at first sight! I fell in love with the park as soon as I saw it. I was really fortunate that I was where I was at that time – being in the right place & at the right time.

You can call it a leap of faith – for me it was a calculated & conscious move

I haven’t looked back since!

I had taken a weekend away with my sister in a nearby bed & breakfast. We decided to come out for a drive and Saltmarshe was literally next to it.

Within 200 yards of entering the park – I knew that I wanted to live here!

Each home was different – they spacious and large and looked really well-made & easy to live in and maintain.

I decided there & then that I will buy one and I put down a £5,000 deposit. I took my time picking a plot and a home – I chose the Willerby Hazlewood which is such a charming bungalow.

The upkeep was very hard at my house–here the park is looked after! The gardens are all manicured & I can just sit and relax have tea 🙂

I actually have more time & more money to spend on me and my park home has exceeded all my expectations!

My home is warmer, cosier in winter (with minimum heating) & cool in summers so much better and cheaper to maintain than a house.

With the lockdown ending, I am hoping to start using the clubhouse a lot more.

I am quite a social person and living on the park, I tend to chat with all residents as I walk my dog. Everyone is relaxed and lovely & I can’t remember talking to so many neighbours, residents in my old home.

At the clubhouse, the residents organise a lot of fetes, events organized – old fashioned & they put in a lot of effort to bring everyone together. It is really nice especially when the weather is good.

We have some great fun events planned in the upcoming months with the lockdown easing, so I am looking forward to enjoying some great time with the lovely community in the park.

Thank you so much Jane for taking the time out to talk to us. We wish you a lot of continued happiness in your home! Thank you for being part of the Wyldecrest family

Our popular Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park is located in a peaceful & breath-taking woodland setting & offers the ultimate in peace and tranquillity with a very friendly & close-knit community.

This park has been created in the grounds of Saltmarshe Castle, a former country house and estate first owned by the Higginson family and then through the generations to the Barnaby family in 1946.

Many parts of the outer walls and turrets still remain, together with various outbuildings, stables, ice house and cider wheel, making this park a unique place to live.

Wyldecrest Parks acquired this site in 2015 and have transformed this beautiful setting into a unique residential development while still keeping all its old features intact.

The Development has its own:

  • Club House
  • Café & restaurant
  • Shop
  • Hairdresser
  • Parking
  • Warden on site
  • Office on site
  • Visitor Parking
  • Event Hall
  • Bar
  • Play area
  • Pets welcome *
  • Lakes

We also offer Part Exchange & will be your guaranteed buyer & offer you 100% of the market value* (t&c apply)

Saltmarshe Castle Park has been featured in many TV programs & commercials. It has also been featured in a documentary done by BBC about how Residential Parks like Saltmarshe provide an excellent solution for luxury, low-cost downsizing especially for the older population.

The Park has been recently awarded the premium park badge as well by Wyldecrest Park Chairman Alfie Best.

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