Living & Working – Aging Well

Many studies suggest that engaging in mentally challenging activities in middle & older age helps to keep your brain sharp & offers health benefits.

However, latest studies suggest that having an active schedule which involves a busy lifestyle is as effective if not more in keeping your brain sharp and keeping you engaged.

So keeping a busy lifestyle could be very important in middle age as well as old age.

When someone moves into a park home bungalow – it is a financial and lifestyle decision. So you downsize from say a larger home which is surplus to your requirements and also to lower your living costs ( in terms of going mortgage free & reducing your utility bills) and release extra money from your home which can be used to maintain a great lifestyle, holidays etc.

But at the same time, moving into a park home doesn’t mean you have retired. In fact on the contrary, most of us would like to maintain a good active lifestyle. So while you could continue what you were doing before, there are many opportunities for residents to take an active part in various activities in the park as well.

We all know that the community on the parks is very strong & they organize and take part in various events regularly. So the social aspect of living in a park is very well taken care of. It is quite natural & organic – most of the park residents are similar age & have moved into the developments because of similar reasons.

We also have various work/maintenance opportunities on many of our parks & we always like to offer them to our park residents first. Many of our residents have actually gone on to become our park managers and play a very active role on the park.

A group of residents on one of our parks in Cornwall actually opened a community centre on the park last year.

Four of us started working on this centre & it has taken months of hard work to reach the state which it is at. When Wyldecrest Parks’ chairman, Alfie visited this park, I asked him for help with this project and he very kindly agreed. We needed a place where we could get together as a community and with this community centre all up & running now that box has been ticked.
Colin Neave (Resident, St Dominic Park)

I am always in my park, but the Wyldecrest head office team makes me feel very much included and part of the family
Ann actively supports the park residents, developments and improvements on the park and she became Wyldecrest Parks Park Manager for Orchard Park a couple of years ago.

2 years ago, I contacted the council who in turn put me in contact with the environmental health to improve some of the older units on the park, as there are some units that don’t have any insulation
So through the love and passion for the park and her neighbours and residents Ann got the EHA to fit insulation into all of the units which didn’t have insulation. Ann works closely with local towns and the council and tries to help with the improvements around the park as much as possible. She is currently working on getting some solar panels for the park.
(Ann Raywood, resident manager, Orchard Park, Elton, Cheshire)

Our parks are also chosen based on location & nearness to amenities, walks, etc. Many of the parks boast of amazing locations, like our Westover Park in (Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire) close to the world-famous Tenby beach & various other scenic beach towns or our Orchard Park in Littlehampton which is close to Aldingbourne Castle, Littlehampton beach and a number of lovely towns and places.

Our brand new Rookery Drove Park is less than 1.5 miles from the lovely Aspel Close Nature Reserve, less than 4.5 miles from the very popular Thetford Forest Park & less than 7.5 miles from the Cavenham Heath Nature Reserve.

Arranging walking trips, fishing or sight-seeing or just walking your dog are activities which are common for our residents & are a great way to spend some time in nature.

So when you move into a park home development, you can actually spend more time in being actively engaged, could be doing new work or continuing your work but getting actively engaged with the park community or trying out some new hobbies & exercising, making new friends, etc.

There is no limit to the possibilities and it’s never too late to start. Just keep yourself busy, no matter how old you are.

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