Living on Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park

We caught up the absolutely lovely Mr. Adrian Dunn who lives in our Saltmarshe Castle residential Park with his wife and little dog.

They moved to the park from Manchester last year and their home enjoys one of the best views of the Bromyard Downs and Malvern Hills.

Over to Adrian –

We knew we wanted a property on one level because of my wife’s health and also to simplify the maintenance and our life. We started to look around the midlands area.

We have a granddaughter in London & in Stockport – we wanted to sort of be in the middle so that we can access both these places with a drive of less than 2 hours.

We anyways like this part of the country and love Herefordshire. So we started to look for a park home site as we wanted a bungalow in sort of a nice friendly community.
We came across Saltmarshe on the internet and we decided to visit.

We visited the park, spoke with the team and things made a lot of sense. We decided on the plot which we wanted and I also visited the manufacturers to see the homes.
I decided to choose the Hazelwood & also was able to bespoke it to our needs and likings.

I was actually able to get a hybrid home – it’s a Hazlewood park home which has the bedrooms of the Charnwood. I didn’t know that it was possible but I was able to get it and we were absolutely over the moon with the home which we were able to achieve.

Our home has superb views.

Mornings are beautiful and the nights are even more spectacular. I have a telescope and I love looking at some of the beautiful stars and constellations.

It is just perfect. The one-level bungalow style is perfect. Love to go out & sit on the bench and enjoy the peace & quiet and the lovely country air.

We have a lovely deck around our property and it is a great place to spend some peaceful time there.

Thank you for your time Mr Dunn and we hope that your wife feels better soon. We wish you a lot of good health and happiness in your life in Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park.

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Our popular Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park is located in a peaceful & breath-taking woodland setting & offers the ultimate in peace and tranquillity with a very friendly & close-knit community.

This park has been created in the grounds of Saltmarshe Castle, a former country house and estate first owned by the Higginson family and then through the generations to the Barnaby family in 1946.

Many parts of the outer walls and turrets still remain, together with various outbuildings, stables, ice house and cider wheel, making this park a unique place to live.

Wyldecrest Parks acquired this site in 2015 and have transformed this beautiful setting into a unique residential development while still keeping all its old features intact.

The Development has its own:

  • Club House
  • Café & restaurant
  • Shop
  • Hairdresser
  • Parking
  • Warden on site
  • Office on site
  • Visitor Parking
  • Event Hall
  • Bar
  • Play area
  • Pets welcome *
  • Lakes

We also offer Part Exchange & will be your guaranteed buyer & offer you 100% of the market value* (t&c apply)

Saltmarshe Castle Park has been featured in many TV programs & commercials. It has also been featured in a documentary done by BBC about how Residential Parks like Saltmarshe provide an excellent solution for luxury, low-cost downsizing especially for the older population.

The Park has been recently awarded the premium park badge as well by Wyldecrest Park Chairman Alfie Best.

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