Life on a Residential Park Home – What / Why / How?

Life on a Residential Park Home: What / Why / How!

We would like to introduce you to the lovely Annmarie Clark, one of the most popular and stylish residents of our Saltmarshe Castle Park pictured above with her husband and 2 lovely grand-daughters. We caught up with her recently for a short chat and to see how life has turned out for her on the park and what advice she could give to anyone looking at moving to a park home.

Hope you enjoy reading this!

What made you move to a park home?

My husband and I met later in life and for us to then get a mortgage it would mean we would still be trying to pay it off well into our 70’s. This wasn’t a very comforting thought and I wasn’t happy with that

We were unsure of what to do at first but then we started researching Park Homes. We found out that a park home would be a good way to get a brand new luxury home especially in an area of our choice.

How did you go about deciding the location/park?

My brother has a holiday home on Saltmarshe Holiday Park and he convinced us to come and take a look around and check out all the facilities and amenities.

We were based in Midlands but close to the city and now living on Saltmarshe Castle /Bromyard feels s such a big relief.

Both of our daughters have moved closer too and everyone really loves the peace and quiet of this area. It is lovely and peaceful but there is no dearth of things to do, restaurants, walking trails and so on

How did they choose Wyldecrest Parks / Saltmarshe Castle?

Once we decided that park homes look like an excellent option to get a nice, manageable bungalow in an area we would like to be in, we started looking at various residential parks.

We saw a couple of parks but some of them weren’t pet-friendly or wouldn’t allow family/grand-kids to visit or stay later than 9 pm.

How was the moving process?

Our moving process was 2/3 months long. We sold our house and were given a temporary home to live in on park until our home was ready to be lived in. What a lovely gesture by Wyldecrest.

I think that patience and understanding is important and it’s not the end of the world when there is a delay and Wyldecrest made sure they had a home to be lived in till their home was ready.

How is life on the park?

The best part of Saltmarshe Castle is the community! In my old home where we had lived for years I only ever spoke to my next-door neighbors.

Living at Saltmarshe Castle last 3 years, I know everyone on the park. I am really looking forward to summer time cause that’s when the whole community comes together and organize events and activities

The shop & café on the park are great and I can get most of the things there and not venture out.

Anything else you would like to mention about your life on the park?

Well I would sincerely and honestly recommend it to anyone thinking about downsizing or reducing their running costs while at the same time being able to have a lovely new home in a location of their choice which otherwise would have been impossible.

I would also like to mention that Wyldecrest Parks have been helpful. The Chairman / CEO Alfie Best visits the park often, knows all residents by name and it feels reassuring and good that he cares so much about the residents.

Anything which you like to change/improve on the park?

I love the club we have on Saltmarshe Castle and especially love the staff and the DJ and spend most of my weekends there. It would be great to have the club a bit freshened-up and made more modern.

Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park

Saltmarshe Castle Residential Park is located in a peaceful and breath-taking woodland setting, approximately 2.5 miles north of the town of Bromyard on the borders of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It is situated with south facing views overlooking the Bromyard Downs and Malvern Hills.

This park is situated in the endless grounds of Saltmarshe Castle, a former country house and estate first owned by the Higginson family and then through the generations to the Barnaby family in 1946.  Although the Castle itself was demolished many years ago, in 1955, parts of the outer walls and turrets still remain, together with various outbuildings, stables, ice house, and cider wheel, making this park a unique place to live.

Bromyard, the nearest town, is where you will find all your local amenities, doctors, dentist, optician and vets along with the local shops.

The area is renowned for its scenic beauty and many ancient towns and cities, including Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester and Leominster, all accessible by the local bus services in Bromyard.

Within the local surroundings of this gorgeous and historic park, you can find a wide range of farms, many of them selling locally grown fresh produce and ingredients, as well as some of the most amazing centres, family restaurants with homemade food and handcraft gift shops.

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