I’m happy here and my children are happy that I’m happy! Peace of mind all round!

We caught up with lovely Jane Hill, a much-loved resident of our wonderful Westover Residential Park. We hope you enjoy our short chat with her

Q. When did you move?

I moved in last October into Westover Park.

. Why did you choose a park home?

I chose a park home for size, low maintenance of the house and garden.

I chose the Willerby Hazelwood model after looking at a few others, I first saw this model as I came through the gate and loved the bay windows! I thought oh yes I like that!

Although this was not the model I was supposed to view that day after Adrian showed me two others, which were nice but not quite right, I asked about this model and he told me that this one had just been sited, taking me to my present home, as soon as I saw it, with its position, garden area and went inside I knew it was the one!

Q. Why did you choose Westover Residential Park?

I already knew the area well having lived fairly local for the last 18 years, my daughter lives in Whitland so it was convenient, I knew the amenities, and was aware of the railway!

But when I first saw the site the year before last I thought that if I was to buy then I would only do so if I could have had the site I’m on so luck was on my side!

Q. How is life on the park?

The park, so far, has some lovely residents; we all know each other and this crisis has brought a real sense of community and neighbourhood.

As I know the area, I’ve advised people on where to shop, dental care, doctors, hospitals etc are, important when you’re growing older! As a retired nurse, I also know that this is a good area for hospital aftercare.

Q. What would you suggest to anyone else looking at Westover Residential Park?

For local areas of interest you have everything on your doorstep, which is another reason why I chose this site, bus, train and main roads all on your doorstep! What more could you want in retirement!

There’s plenty of pubs, shops, restaurants and takeaways also within walking distance which we all use! They also deliver! I hope that’s enough for you, I could go on more but. .. the main thing is that I’m happy here and my children are happy that I’m happy! Peace of mind all round!

Thank you so much Jane, for sharing your experience with us.

Westover Residential Park

A cute, friendly residential park with a host of amenities & some of South Wales most beautiful beaches at its doorstep.

Carmarthenshire is less than a 15 minute drive away and is a great day out! It has a lovely shopping centre with Debenhams and Marks & Spencer’s, quaint boutiques and Banks and restaurants!

Lovely beach towns like Tenby are only 25 minutes by train. The train station is a 10-minute walk from the park and it’s all a level walk, so easy on the legs!

We have brand new homes available to view on the park

1. Willerby Hazlewood 40 X 20
2. Omar Westbury 36 x 20
3. Omar Regency 40 X 12
4. Omar Newmarket 36 X 20
5. Willerby Hazlewood 36 X 20
6. Willerby Charnwood 40 X 20
7. Willerby Charnwood 36 X 20
8. Omar Regency 36 X 20

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