I feel like I’m in heaven!

I feel like I’m in heaven!

Meet the effervescent and friendly Mrs Jill Ash who has been living in St Dominic Residential Park for the last 3 years and says ‘I wish I had done it sooner’.

Where did you live before you moved? Why did you move?

We used to live in Plymouth (Devon). We were looking at downsizing and wanted a bungalow-style home in a park. There was a home up for sale (the one which I live in), so we decided to come and have a look. As soon as I entered the park – I had a feeling – I just knew that I had to live here. I had not seen my home or plot at this moment but I told my husband that I have to live here. So finally we reached our plot/home and as soon as I met the Sales Manager I told him to take this off the market.

How is life in the park?

Couldn’t be better! My health which has been quite poor over the years has improved so much! I love all park residents so much, everyone knows everyone – it’s like we live in a 1970s style neighbourhood. My husband always says that obviously there is the odd 10% who will always have a problem.  But the rest of us get along really well. I literally hate leaving the park and I just love coming back! I love every single minute of my life on the park- every single minute! I have family who live up in Edinburgh & I have to go and meet them e very couple of months. While I am away, everyone on the park tells me that the park feels really quite.  I’ve been told I’m the life of the park!

What amenities do you frequent, places you frequent in your everyday life?

I have 2 small, lovely dogs who I take for a walk regularly. It literally takes me hours every time I take the dogs out as I end up chatting with almost everyone! We organize a monthly get-together over lunch so that we can all catch-up with each other.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

I have had one of my very close friend buy a home literally next to me! I had told her that when she comes to see it & doesn’t put a deposit down – I would be extremely surprised. She had some reservations initially as she was worried about park homes being ‘glorified caravans’ but actually it is the exact opposite & as soon as she saw it – she was convinced! I am retired and I just love my home & my park-life. I love listening to the birds chirping and catching up with everyone on the park. I am actually so passionate about the park & my community that my husband & I run a website http://www.st-dominic-park.co.uk/ which is about the park and various activities and news. My husband Graeme Ash has set himself a challenge to run six marathons and ultra-marathons within 3 months to raise money for a defibrillator to be sited at St Dominic Park.

I am quite speechless after this long chat I had with Mrs Jill Ash. I have seen very few people who are so passionate, full-of-life and do so much for their community as well. Jill mentioned she had been suffering from poor health (she had a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis) but since living in the park – her health has improved massively. Thank you so much for this heart-warming chat Jill & we wish you & Graeme all the best.

I borrow the below park description from Jill & Graeme’s website –
St Dominic Park is nestled in a secluded valley situated just outside the historical town of Callington, Cornwall. It is a stunning picturesque estate with fabulous fields surrounding it, many woodland walks and a tranquil flowing stream running alongside. The park is entered via a private walled drive with fantastic rural views; many idyllic spots are to be enjoyed in the sun with relaxing sounds of the stream and singing birds.

The park home estate is perfect for the semi-retired and retired who wish to enjoy life. You’ll find residents from a wide variety of backgrounds and from all areas of the country who have made St Dominic Park their home. Relaxing company is to be had with the many residents who also want to enjoy life in this idyllic hidden valley in sunny Cornwall.

St Dominic Park is in Harrowbarrow, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8BN.

There is a fully-furnished new home available to view & buy on this park – please get in touch to arrange a viewing today.

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