Garden Competition

We have had a few of our residents submit their entries for our garden competition. We will be sharing our entries on this page as we keep receiving them.

Our Garden Competition has 3 categories this year. Each category has 1 winner and 2 runner ups. There is also 1 overall Gardener of the Year winner.

• Floral Garden
• Mini Garden
• Most Sustainable Garden

Jean Andrews, Westover Park

My name is Jean Andrews and my husband and myself moved into our home in Westover Park Whitland last November. We have found life here very different from previous homes but have settled in really well. Everyone is very friendly here and as we do not have a car we have been offered lifts to go shopping etc which is lovely.

Olive, Sea Breeze Park

Our lovely resident Susan West has very kindly nominated and submitted her neighbour Olive’s garden for our Gardening Contest.

“I would link to enter my friend’s garden, this garden is absolutely beautiful, no matter what time of day. My name is Mrs Susan West and I live on the Sea Breeze Residential Park in Seaton Carew“

Bernard Highgate, Chilton Farm Park

Patsy and Mick Gallagher, Beechdown Park

We lived in a detached house in Norden, near Rochdale, Lancs, in the North of England. We are both retired and considered selling up and moving into a Park Home.

We also wanted to live in a place with a warmer climate and visited Paignton in Devon.

We discovered there was a Park Home site called Beechdown Park that had vacant plots.

In April 2021 we viewed the plots available and decided to purchase an Omar Newmarket home to put on Plot 3. In December 2021 we moved into our brand-new Home.

Since then we have had a decking area built and we have employed some groundworkers to sort out a garden area and provide fence, gates, steps, paving stones, astro turf etc.

We have planted many pots with plants and flowers and our garden now looks wonderful and has been admired by many residents on the site.

There is not much actually to do on the site itself but we have made a number of friends. There is a thatched pub over the road we have been to several times. A couple we are friends with go with us sometimes to this pub for Sunday dinner!

The Park is situated ideally and is only 2 miles from the seafront. There are several supermarkets and plenty of places nearby to visit. We love it here and so does our dog Waffle!

John & Carol, Penwortham Residential Park

Our garden is all around our home as we have been on Penwortham park for 16 years now and love every minute. They say Roses grow on you and they have on us. We have 2 big Rose beds at the front Roses in the rear garden when both our doors are open the sent of the roses drift through the house and at one side of the house there another garden which isour wild life garden for hedgehogs, birds, squirrels, frogs with other various plants and yes more Roses.

We grow potatoes, cabbages, parsnips etc all we need to live on and share with neighbours.
The amount of people who enter the site always stop and take photos and ask if they can have a smell of the roses no doubt carol will find some where else to plant more
Even bell & Charlie are seen with their nose stuck in a Rose we have over 200 roses

Mrs Hopper, Bradgate Park

Annamarie, Penwortham Park

Dahlia Williams, Westover Park

“My park home garden, fresh after the rains”

Tracey Excell, Wheatplot Park

Dear all @ Wyldecrest,

I live at 16 Wheatplot Park Homes, Bournemouth

During the first lockdown in 2020, I was deemed to be clinically extremely vulnerable and was shielded at home. The weather was lovely in April so I decided to turn part of our terraced garden in to a small veggie patch, growing runner beans, potatoes and salad veg. It was a great success so in 2021, I extended the patch, doubling up the area. Again, the planting went well!

Soooooo….. this year I’ve gone further. Using recycled pallets and other old wood, I have built some raised beds – whilst not the prettiest, they’re doing a fab job! I also used old wood to make a tiered planter to grow lettuces and radishes in, as well as two independent planters for carrots. I am also using reusable vegetable growing bags as well as the original dug area from the 20/21 seasons. I have also obtained an old cast iron water tank which I am growing strawberries in!
This year, I am growing potatoes, runner and dwarf beans, courgettes, garlic, onions, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and salad veg.

I use my water butt to collect rain water to feed the planting, especially the salad stuff.
I believe my garden fits the criteria of a sustainable garden…I am feeding myself and my husband and will again keep my close neighbours in spuds and beans throughout the growing season!
All of the wood etc has been recycled and the grow bags will be used for many years to come. I’ve even got hold of old tyres which I’ve lined and amusing to grow potatoes in.

Dear Tracey, thank you so much for sharing your initiatives towards sustainable gardening – small changes we make in our gardens can help protect the environment and give back rather than take from our surroundings.

Karen Hill, Westover Park

Our dear resident Karen Hill who lives in one of our friendliest parks – Westover Residential Park
She was a runner-up winner of the Park Home Garden Contest 2021.

Her entry for this year’s park home garden contest – we hope she wins ?

Mr & Mrs Hill moved into the park home about 2 years ago and have loved every minute in their new home. The one thing we didn’t expect was the strength of the community in the park. Everyone in the park is here to help each other.

Everyone is always pleased to say hello and have a chat. We would go weeks without seeing our neighbours when we lived in Somerset; it is such a lovely scenario being everyone being so friendly.

Pip is exceptionally spoiled by all residents on park, everyone enjoys petting her and carry treats in case they bump into her and other dogs in the park.

The local town is like taking a step back in time with quaint family run shops and high streets surrounded by beautiful countryside views; you have everything you need without the hustle and bustle.

Jenny Lloyd, Saltmarshe Castle Park

We moved to Saltmarshe Castle Park in August 2021 bringing with us 60 potted plants from the large garden we left behind in Shropshire.

During the Autumn & Winter of 2021 we began designing and planning the type of garden we wanted at Saltmarshe. Our priority was to have raised beds not only looking ahead to a time when bending to garden might become a problem but also, we wanted a garden that is easy to maintain and leave whilst on holidays etc.

The ground at Saltmarshe is heavy clay and as hard as concrete so cultivating the very small area we’d been left was not an option, it was in fact perfect for building raised beds on.
The eventual outcome has been a joint project, my husband constructing raised beds in a horseshoe shape and me painting, and planting up the beds.

We also included a paved area with steps providing easy access to the plants for maintenance.

The attached photographs show not only the construction but the finished result
Jenny L, resident Saltmarshe Castle Park

Christine Willott , Brookside Residential Park

Photos from our garden in Brookside Park, Bromham

Denise Gracia, Saltmarshe Castle Park

This is our entry for the mini garden competition. The garden came about due to a leak from an old pipe. Luckily the Maintenance Team after a lot of hard work, found the leak but had to dig our previous garden up. This gave us the inspiration to create our new Zen garden.

During this process, we didn’t feel as though we were in lockdown as so many people walking or even driving passed, stopped to chat and admired the progress.

We would like to enter the flower garden competition. We were given permission to adopt this corner of wasteland which was concrete covered in brambles and weeds.

This happened at the beginning of COVID and it kept us occupied and certainly helped us mentally. We had planters made to cover concrete and worked to get rid of brambles etc. Then we bought lots of shrubs

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