From Resident to Manager

We would like to introduce you to a very dear resident who is also our park manager now – a lovely lady called Anne Raywood.
She moved into her park home on Orchard Park (Cheshire) about 15 years back.
How she moved into a park home is actually a very interesting story – She lived in a house nearby and the only reason she moved into a park home was to redecorate her house & then eventually move back.
She recollects now that the first year that she moved on to the park, it was a very hot summer. She would actually sleep in her garden as it was lovely and she felt very safe as well.

It was the beginning of her love story with the park. ‘I fell in love with the park really. It was a big decision no doubt, but the lifestyle I started enjoying on the park had no comparison to what I was having in my house. Ultimately I decided to sell my home and just stay on in my lovely park home’.

‘The location of the park is just ideal as its less than 5 minutes from local superstores, 15 mins from the airport and 15 mins from the town centre.
There has been no looking back once I decided and honestly, it has been the best decision of my life’.

Anne has 6 grandchildren, 3 of them live in the USA and love to visit her and the park they feel like this is an amazing park literally like being on a holiday resort actually.
Anne has a very cute small dog called Leo who has made the park his home and has lived there all of his life…13 years and counting!
Anne suffered from cancer 2 years ago but she has fully recovered now. She says the whole park community supported her so much and she never felt alone for even a moment.
Ann actively supports the park residents, developments and improvements on the park and she became Wyldecrest Parks Park Manager for Orchard Park a couple of years ago.

‘Ours is a very close-knit community -whenever someone is ill or under the weather we get a doctor, do some gardening, ensure that grocery and shopping are done and basically do anything possible to make them feel better’.

‘2 years ago, I contacted the council who in turn put me in contact with the environmental health to improve some of the older units on the park, as there are some units that don’t have any insulation’.

So through the love and passion for the park and her neighbours and residents Ann got the EHA to fit insulation into all of the units which didn’t have insulation.
Ann works closely with local towns and the council and tries to help with the improvements around the park as much as possible. She is currently working on getting some solar panels for the park.

‘I am always in my park, but the Wyldecrest head office team makes me feel very much included and part of the family’.

Thanks for sharing your story, Ann Raywood. You truly are an inspiration and are lucky to have resident managers like you on our park.

Orchard Residential Park perches on the fringes of the picturesque village of Elton and overlooks open the countryside with delightful views towards the westerly range of the Cheshire Hills that surround Frodsham and Alverney.
Idyllically situated within the original fruit orchards of Elton Manor, Orchard Park really is the perfect place for rest and relaxation and the perfect retirement.

Most of the plots have parking areas and the park is well laid out. There is a friendly community spirit here and an on-site manager with an office that is open daily.
The local shops and medical centre are just a 10-minute stroll away with the main hospital being less than five miles away. Chester, Liverpool and Manchester are also within easy reach.
We have an amazing home available in this park, now massively reduced.

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