Free Park Home Refurb

Win a FREE Park Home Refurb!


Fancy a Park Home Refurb? Wait no more and grab this fantastic opportunity then!

The applications for the next “Freefurb” offered by Nuvex are now open!

Nuvex Ltd is a new company that burst into the Park Home industry back in 2011, specialised in exterior refurbishments of Park Homes.

Its director, Darren Baker, has decided to start the company because he wanted to make a difference to the industry. And he’s already leaving his very own mark.

After years witnessing what they consider as “appallingly shoddy work”, Nuvex has just decided to launch the first ever Giveaway to win a “Freefurb”.

The idea behind this awesome prize is to give something back to the park home community, as the same time as they have the opportunity to prove their value as a company: a professional and big-hearted refurbishment company that’s keen to make the difference.

When this project started earlier this year, Nuvex was hoping to help somebody struggling to get refurbishment work done, through no fault of their own. For example, a poor previous repair job by dodgy workmen or a situation that just stood out for a variety of other reasons.

That dream came true for Ian and Pam Stevenson, from Northfield Park in Porchester, whose home was completely transformed in the first giveaway back in July 2015.  Ian explained: “Having lived in our home for 30 years, we tried to keep it in good condition but it was getting on top of us. I wasn’t sure what to do next as more problems appeared. I knew I needed to look for another solution and seek specialist help”. He assured: “If Nuvex hadn’t stepped in, I don’t know what we’d have done. We’re hoping to save quite a bit on our heating costs over winter, and since Nuvex have replaced the windows and doors, the larger windows let more light in so our home feels much brighter” And he added: “We really are so grateful to Nuvex we couldn’t believe we’d won it!”.

Yes, but it’s true, they did win!


So, if you fancy being the next lucky recipient, please visit Nuvex website or call 01933 222 300 for more information.

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