Everyone knows everyone, I never feel alone

Mr. Thomas Cross, resident of ‘The Willows residential Park’ in Guildford, Surrey received a lovely surprise from Alfie Best a few weeks back – a £1,000 cheque

His lovely daughter moved into our Old Rectory Park in Cornwall and Alfie personally thanked him with a visit & a cheque

Mr. Cross has been living in ‘The Willows’ residential park for over 30 years and loves every bit of it.

My wife & I moved into the park home about 30 years ago. We used to live down the road and wanted to retire to a bungalow style property but stay local.

It was a great decision to move to a park home because life in the park has been brilliant.

Back then park homes were not as popular or luxurious as compared to now.

However, the feeling of community and support is the same – I know every resident in the park and we are truly one big family.

When I think of it, last year’s lockdown situation has actually not been that difficult. I managed to meet and talk to all my friends & neighbours and was able to see them albeit from across a fence.

Whenever anyone goes out to the shops they always check with me if I need anything.

So I haven’t felt lonely or in need of any form of support. The park is well located and everything we need is within easy reach.

I look forward to going out with the lockdown situation easing now and will try to visit my daughter in her park home in Cornwall soon as well J

Thank you Mr Cross for speaking to us and we wish you continued happiness and health in your home.

Set in rolling countryside our three parks are in an area of natural beauty and one of the most popular parks in Surrey.

The homes and the gardens have been maintained to a high standard and there is a great community spirit on the park.

We have a choice of homes & plots available to view & buy in these parks

There are 2 new homes ready to view & buy – both homes boast of beautiful views over the Surrey countryside and are part of well-established and extremely friendly parks

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