Don’t mess with Carol’s (Alfie) Roses

These are the ALFIE roses that are across the road from our home.

We care for them and that is why Alfie got shouted at in Undercover Big Boss. We obviously didn’t know it was Alfie but had it been the Queen she would have also been shouted at! No one can mess with Carol’s Roses.

Meet John & Carol, lovely residents of our Penwortham Residential Park in Preston, Lancashire.

We have lived in Penwortham Residential Park for 16 years now and love every minute of it.
We have a lovely garden which is all around our home and love it.

They say Roses grow on you and they have on us.

We have 2 big Rose beds at the front Roses in the rear garden when both our doors are open the sent of the roses drift through the house and at one side of the house there another garden witch is our wildlife garden for hedgehogs, birds, squirrels, frogs with other various plants and yes more Roses.

We have built some veg beds in our rear garden and now grow potatoes, cabbages, parsnips etc all we need to live on and share with neighbours.

The amount of people who enter the park always stop and take photos and ask if they can have a smell of the roses no doubt carol will find some where else to plant more.

You can even Bell & Charlie are seen with their nose stuck in a Rose! We have over 200 roses in our garden.

“Take time to smell the roses”

Thank you so much John & Carol. Your roses and garden are absolutely beautiful.

Wish you lots of continued health and happiness in your home!

Penwortham Residential Park provides an environment where you can relax in quiet and secure surroundings yet benefit from living in a vibrant community.

Penwortham Residential Park is situated in the residential suburb of Penwortham, approximately 2.5 miles south of Preston City Centre which offers excellent shopping and general amenities. Despite being close to the busy centre of Preston, the park itself is both quiet and secluded.

We have a brand-new Willerby Hazlewood Park Home ready to view in this park and last few plots.
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