Dedicated Community Philanthropist & a Pillar of Strength

Dedicated Community Philanthropist and a Pillar of Strength & Support in the Park – Brenda Bouton

Brenda, a long-term resident of our park who runs various activities for local charities as well as coffee mornings and more.

I have lived in Tremarle Residential Park for over 16 years now. I am so happy I made this move!

I still remember when I initially came to view a park home in the park with my friend. I knew at that exact moment that this was the home for me and I also loved the park.

You won’t believe it but my friend and I bought park homes next door to one another and even moved in on the very same day!

We both have sadly lost our husbands and have been through a lot together but being so close have always been there for one another.

I started slowly selling a few things to raise money for charity. This started slow but now neighbours, friends and many of the parks’ residents have now started donating clothing to house hold items to raise money for local charities.

I also host many coffee mornings for friends, family and all residents on the park and also for charities which acts as a social lifeline for many, who have been attending it for many years

I have been supporting the local drama group as they haven’t been able to play any shows from the disruption of covid.

The situation in Ukraine has like most of us troubled me a lot. I have therefore started asking for warm coats blankets and clothing to send directly to Ukraine.

On what the future holds, Brenda concludes: After living on the park for 16 years I feel that my friend and I couldn’t have made a better decision, we love the park home lifestyle.

I have a small Chihuahua Betty who loves her walks and is spoiled by everyone on park. I look forward to a many more happy years and increasing my charity events as we approach lovelier weather

Thank you so much Brenda for being such a fabulous resident. Wyldecrest Parks would love to join in and sponsor coffee-mornings with you for the benefit of the residents & the community.

Our Tremarle Residential Park in Camborne, Cornwall is a beautiful residential development situated on the outskirts of Camborne Town Centre. The area has an excellent mix of living options with superb transportation links via bus, railway and the A30 which gives easy access to the very best of Cornwall’s countryside.

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