Cycling to make dreams come true

Evan Sharp, 9 years old, is the grandson of our Park Managers at Badgers Retreat Holiday Park, in North Yorkshire.

“I was staying with my Grandma and Grandad at Badgers Retreat and saw the posters they had up about the charity. I decided to do something to raise money for your amazing charity. I thought it was wonderful and wanted to help.

Grandma gave me a sponsor form and said – have a think about what you could do. I decided I liked riding my bike; I started by getting sponsors for how many times I could cycle around the green. I got some people to sponsor me, and then went round everyone’s lodge. With all the sponsors I raised over £100.

So after that we checked the weather forecast and decided to do it on Friday 4th August, a dry day. I started to go round for practice rides. When it came to the day everyone came onto their decks and even helped by giving drinks and snacks when I came past them. I managed to do 20 laps of a 300m park which came to be around 6 miles, my legs were aching but I was so happy to raise some money for the charity and would happily do it again.

Since I went back home people living near me have said they would have sponsored me, so I’m thinking of doing another one in Thornaby where I live”.

We are now raising funds to help Scarlett, aged 10, to fulfil her dream of visiting Lapland in December.

She would love to spend some time with her family and visit Santa. “I want to have a snowball fight with Santa! I bet I’d win!”.

Her dream will cost £2,000.

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