Christmas on our Parks

Christmas at our Parks!

It’s that time of the year and there’s a lovely vibe all around. Our parks are looking festive – thanks to all our residents who have decorated their beautiful homes!
Many of our Park Residents mention how festivals like Christmas have become so much more fun and special since they have moved there because the close-knit community makes it feel a lot like the old days.
The entire park feels and comes together like one big family and there is no room to feel lonely or down especially at this time of the year when it’s sometimes so easy to feel left out and alone!

Let us take you down to one of our loveliest park- where the river Trent flows- yes you guessed it right- Radcliffe Park
Our talented and creative Radcliffe park resident, Gina has made some exotic wreaths, all by herself!

Always cheerful, Gina says “I love flowers, especially wildflowers. I’ve always done arrangements for years, collecting material from woodlands etc. Then about 10 years ago I thought I’d have a go at wreaths!! It’s a prickly job with holly and thorns on some berry plants.
This wreath has been made up of Holly, ivy Rosemary, sedum, cotoneaster and other plants and ribbons and cones from discarded old Christmas bouquets. When you’re retired there’s plenty of time to let your creativity loose and use the free time you have to create things you had always wanted to do but never had time before!
The Indoor wreath is made up of pheasant partridge feathers!!Oh la la !! Xx

Did you read Gina’s story which she had shared with us before? Read it here:

Radcliffe Park nestles on the banks of the River Trent and has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Radcliffe Park is located near West Bridgford on the outskirts of Nottingham, close to the National Water Sports Centre and Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. The village has a local active cricket club and is close to some excellent golf courses, notably Cotgrave.

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