A love story 64 years in the making

We are proud to introduce our super-cool resident Mr. Colin Morwell-Neave who has been a resident of our beautiful St. Dominic Park for the last 6 years.

He has recently moved into a new home in the same park to start a new chapter in his life with the gorgeous Sue.

He has quite a story to share, so here goes.

I was actually born about ¾ of a mile away in an old 8th century Abbey. I am told, I was the first male child born there in 300 years!

Anyways I moved to Kent where I spent a large part of my life. I actually went through a very stressful time in my life and I wanted to really move away from it all & I decided to sort of ‘come home’. I used to visit Cornwall quite often and was clear that when I would retire- I would settle here.

My reason for choosing a park home at that time was purely economic – it just made financial sense!

Anyways so I moved to this park & started off. I would say when I started living here, there wasn’t much of a community spirit between the residents. Plus our community centre was in quite a state and not used.

However, we are a very strong community on park now. We recently had a grand opening of our community centre and we look forward to lots of get-togethers and fun times here now.

Four of us started working on this centre & it has taken months of hard work to reach the state which it is at. When Wyldecrest Parks chairman, Alfie visited this park, I asked him for help with this project and he very kindly agreed. We needed a place where we could get together as a community and with this community centre all up & running now that box has been ticked.

How I met Sue who I have known for years and years is a very interesting story as well. You know when you know someone and your paths cross suddenly and then life changes!

Well I have known Sue for more than 65 years. One day I see her post a picture on Facebook and I commented on it. She replied back, we started talking and one thing led to another & then last year I asked her to move in with me.

She accepted (yay!) & we moved into a new park home on St. Dominic Park to start a fresh chapter in our life – together!

St Dominic Park is nestled in a secluded valley situated just outside the historical town of Callington, Cornwall (3 miles) and about 14 miles north-west of the city of Plymouth. This well-established, popular park is surrounded by fabulous fields, woodland walks and a tranquil flowing stream running alongside. Leading up to the park is a private walled drive with fantastic rural views.

There is a brand new home available to view on this park, Omar Newmarket (36×20, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) starting from £150,000 & some more plots are being developed. If you would like to arrange to come down for a visit to this or our other parks in the Cornwall area – please get in touch with us.

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