A cup of tea is a knock away

We asked our residents what was the best thing they liked about their life in the park. The overwhelming majority came up with one answer- the community spirit.

While we may have wanted to hear that it was our beautiful parks, the landscaping and the amenities and so on! But we were pleasantly surprised to know – it is our wonderful residents!

Each and every resident we spoke with, narrated how life in parks is like living in an old–fashioned, extremely close-knit community where everybody knows everybody. When any resident is dealing with a hard time like health issues, the whole community rallies together and makes sure that the resident is looked after.

We heard stories of residents organising parties, BBQs and even sight-seeing trips to destinations like Torquay, Isle of Wight.

We got to know how big events like royal weddings, the football world cup are celebrated in the whole park together with the whole community coming together like a big family!

We learnt how members have formed small clubs amongst themselves for various get-togethers based on common interests.

Many of our lady residents shared how they had formed ladies-clubs to meet at their houses once a week for gossip and nibbles and were never able to get this sense of strong friendship and bonding in their earlier lifestyles.

We have had residents who don’t drive but have never had a problem going around; there is always someone ready to take them! So many residents who have had health-issues have mentioned how they never felt alone and even their partners/spouses have received so much support throughout.

Some of our parks have community clubs with Bingo nights, Bull’s eye nights, birthday celebrations and so on.

Most of the residents mentioned how they thought they would miss their old HOUSES but when they went back to visit or just take a look at them- they didn’t feel any sadness at all, they were even more convinced they had made a good decision and were happy with how their new life had shaped up.

For many of our residents, the park life celebrations like Christmas are more meaningful because it has given them much needed companionship and shared enthusiasm. Most of our park homes have their own gardens and a passion for gardening has brought our residents together as well.

It is truly said that community and caring go hand-in-hand, and there is no better place to get a first-hand taste of that than just visiting one of our Residential parks.

At Wyldecrest, we are proud of creating loving communities and take pride in managing more than 70 Residential parks spread across England.

If you are considering the move to a park home or you’re interested in buying a park home, sms HOME to 82228 or visit our website https://www.websitedesignengland.co.uk/resifiles/, or call us at 03301337300.

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