70 years in the park & counting…

Please meet our lovely resident Ruth Allen who has lived in our Cranbourne Hall Park for 70 years!

We bought this park about 2 months back & it has been such a pleasure to catch up with as many residents as we can & Ruth is definitely one of those.

Over to Ruth!

I moved to the park when I was 4 years old with my family. It was a great place to live & I have such great memories of growing up in this area.

It is an extremely friendly park. It is also a family park & anyone above 18 can buy a home in the park to live.

It is however peaceful & lovely and being a family park does not mean that it is noisy or not a comfortable place to live in.

I got married & continued to live in the park, my husband Mark moved here from London. A lot of residents in the park were working on the Heathrow project & this location made it very convenient to work there.

This park has come a very long way from those years though. The homes used to be vastly different in those years from what they are now.

It has grown to be a luxury residential park home development with fancy luxury bungalows but the inherent feeling of community & camaraderie has still remained the same.

We all know each other & spend a lot of times with our friends & neighbours in the park.

It is an extremely nice area to live in – after all it’s the Royal borough & one of UK’s most prestigious boroughs.

Thank you so much Ruth for sharing your lovely story with us. We wish you loads more years of health & happiness in this lovely park.

Cranbourne Hall Park is idyllically located in the Thames Valley, and offers a rural retreat that’s just a stone’s throw from local amenities.

Windsor is one of the UK’s most prestigious locations, with Windsor Castle being the official residence of the Her Majesty the Queen, and the town boasts pretty streets, beautiful parks and a fine variety of shopping and leisure facilities.

So our park just on the outskirts of Windsor in Winkfield, just up the road from Legoland, there are plenty of local shops nearby, plus a convenience store situated on the park and good bus links serving the local area. What’s more, you’re just minutes away from Windsor Great Park and plenty of other leisure attractions.

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