21 years & counting: resident & manager

21 years & counting! resident & manager

Please meet Ann Watson, a long term resident of our Surrey Hills Park who has also been the park manager now for years!

Q. How did you decide to become a park manager?

I was approached by Alfie Best to see if I could take on the responsibility of being a park manager. He said I was loved by all residents & perfect for the role!

Well I have loved being a park manager and I feel I’m even closer to all my park residents now.

The residents are a motley group of people like anywhere in the world – some are very friendly while others are more reserved. Being a park manager has let me break lots of barriers with the more reserved residents. Once they realised I genuinely care & I am actually on their side to help them where needed – they have opened up to me. We now welcome all new residents together and make sure they settle in quick & easy.

Q. How did you decide to choose the residential park home lifestyle?

I knew friends who had moved to park homes & I always wanted this lifestyle. I wanted to be local to Surrey & I had actually used to drive past the Surrey Hills residential park frequently.

It was the perfect location for me but for a while, there was no availability.

Then roughly 21 years ago, a home came up for sale which I quickly bought & the rest is history!

Q. How is life on the park?

Life is fine; about 11 years ago I swapped my home & plot in the park for a bigger one in the park. It’s a lovely home with a conservatory and I have been living in it for the last 10 years.

My son lives around the corner, so it’s quite convenient. Would you believe it – he lives in a park home as well because he loved mine so much!!

The park is very picturesque & beautiful but what makes it extra special is the residents. Everyone looks out for everyone & there is always someone there to help in case needed. It is very reassuring to know that people actually care for you and you are not alone even if you have a family around you or not. The park is truly one big family.

The bus service is amazing and we have a bus every 10-15 mins that goes to numerous destinations & the town of Guildford has many lovely shops and exquisite restaurants.

Q. What are your hobbies, how is your daily routine on the park?

I have two dogs, Tiffany and Eric – they adore park life and they love walking around the local cricket pitch which is perfect and local for them.

I work for ‘age UK’ that is an amazing charity and they have helped me to help many residents when they are in need of anything or help of any kind.

I feel very happy that I was able to make a difference to all the residents’ lives through this charity as I feel that otherwise, they would not have been able to access this charity.
Gardening and reading are some of my hobbies which I love to do in my spare time.

Thank you Ann for this lovely chat & we would also like to thank you for being a lovely resident & manager for our Surrey Hills Park.

Surrey Hills Park was voted one of the best parks in the South East of England for quality, location and the overall look of the park by an independent survey. There is a good community spirit on this park, and residents take great pride in their homes, keeping their gardens neat and tidy. This park has the added benefit of a live-on park manager for that extra peace of mind.

The local village shops cater for all your daily needs, whilst for larger shopping requirements and leisure activities, the main towns of Guildford, Camberley, Aldershot and Farnham are all a short distance away.

For those who are looking for a more active lifestyle, there are many footpaths, bridleways and other small roads suitable for horse riding, cycling and walking that criss-cross the parish. Normandy Common has a picnic site and stream with a path west that leads to Normandy Hill. There is also the Christmas Pie trail which leads into Guildford via a trail through woods, commons and meadows. Normandy also has many things to do with many clubs (especially sport) set up throughout the Village.

We have a brand new Omar Regency Park Home Bungalow available to view & buy on this park

Square Feet 38 x10 ¦ Guide Price £159,995 ¦ 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom


Our site fees are £220.50 per month currently ¦ Council Tax is Band A for any size Park Home which is £108.34 monthly (annually £1,300 approximately) ¦ Then you will have your normal utility bills.

Taking an average figure we estimate the overall running costs including all of the above to be approximately £410 per month

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