20 Years on Radcliffe Park and Counting…

20 Years and Counting!

“I have lived on Radcliffe Park for 20 years, longer than anywhere else during my time on Earth”!

Please meet David Gibbon & his lovely wife, Helen Gibbon who are both amazing residents of Radcliffe Park. David is very actively involved in fund-raising for the Air Ambulance (Nottingham Branch) and also serves as the donation box coordinator for them.

We caught up with him recently and had a chat with about various things, please find below some

How did you decide to move to Radcliffe Park?

We moved to Radcliffe Park in September 1998, so it’s nearly going to be 21 years soon!

We were living near the Nottingham Ice Stadium in a two-up Two-down house.  Being right in the middle of Nottingham was not the most exciting location and we were really longing to move out and be away from the city

We looked at 4 or 5 parks over the course of a few weeks. But Radcliffe Park just somehow clicked for us, in literally every way.

It was brilliantly located with amazing views over the countryside

Tell us something more about yourself?

 have had a very busy career, running multiple things. I was running a large wholesale business for convenience stores among other things. My wife and I felt that we needed to improve our quality of life and live away from the hustle and noise of Nottingham city.

What was your living situation like before you moved to the park?

We were living in a two-up and two-down house. But in terms of living space, we have as much space in our park home as we had in that house. A lot of space I feel gets wasted in Stairs which are useless and basically take up a lot of unnecessary space!

Tell us something about the Air Ambulance cause which you support?

Keith (Our Park Manager) and I arranged our last Xmas party to be held at the British Legion in Radcliffe on Trent on Friday 14th December 2018.

Wyldecrest Parks sponsored Super-market Vouchers to help contribute towards food and drink.

All profits made from the raffle went toward the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.

Wyldecrest Parks supported the Air Ambulance cause at the Radcliffe Christmas Party.

It came at a time when we are increasing our service, by introducing a 24 hour availability of the `Ambucopter`, to save even more lives.

We already fly some 1,000 times a year but with the support of people and companies like yours that number will increased whenever we are required .It is our 25th anniversary next year and we will be sending out this message so that more and more of the general public become aware of the great work Air Ambulance does and how this is possible only because of the great support provided by the public and companies like yours.

The Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance is one of the UK’s leading Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Charities, funded purely by the generosity of people like you! We are not part of the NHS and not funded by the Government.

At a time when every second counts, the arrival of our iconic yellow helicopter really can mean the difference between life and death.

We transport the equivalent of an A&E department to people suffering from the most serious of illnesses and devastating injuries, providing the best possible treatment as quickly as possible.


How has life been living in the park?

I think it was a great decision moving to a park home. The park has an amazing location – away from the madness and chaos of city-life but well-connected and close to all amenities.

Also we have an amazing community on the park. I know it sounds too good to be true but we have our privacy but at the same time an amazing community spirit on the park.

We are really happy with our decision. Park homes have come a long way in the last 20 years and I think they are an excellent option which people should seriously consider when thinking of downsizing or simplifying their life.

Radcliffe Park

Radcliffe Park nestles on the banks of the River Trent and has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. The majority of plots have their own off road parking.

We have started works on a part of this park recently and have some beautiful riverside plots available to view.

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